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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a custom property in the INFO tab on a Group that we can specify that will STOP all monitoring on that groups and its sub group(s)? If not can there be one added like DISABLE_MONITOIRNG=true I'm asking b/c the situation came up where due to licensing we have to PAUSE the monitoring of AWS instances. I don't want to delete these profiles since they are already setup and configured. Just want to PAUSE or Disable the monitoring till the clients are fully on-boarded into the platform.
  2. Custom button on an alarm or custom menu on a device Is it possible to add a custom button onto an alarm to run an action? e.g. where "Explore Maps", "Add Note", "Put in SDT", "Escalate", "Acknowledge" are located. Is it possible to add an item to the device view? e.g. when go to the device and view Host Status, there is an Acknowledge button. Could we add another button here? or could we add another item to the drop down menu? e.g. where "Manage Device", "Add monitored Instance", etc, are displayed. The action for both would be a custom http delivery integration.
  3. Our organization is new to LM, and I was working on an issue today that required looking at different time spans to see the delta over a week, month, and longer for a particular trend. I noticed that the "Custom" option in the drop-down list above was grayed out, so I looked at other graph types and found they all were grayed out for Custom. I consulted the Help topics but didn't find an explanation, so I contacted support. They explained that prior to expanding the Graph, I could utilize the Time Range tab at the top of the page to specify my custom time span. At that point, Custom in the drop-down is enabled for selection and returns the specified range. My two suggestions or request for enhancements would be to please trigger the Time Range screen (attached) upon selection of Custom from the drop-down menu, and also that after I viewed the Custom time span, if I selected any other predefined span (like Last 30 days), Custom was again grayed out, and I had to return to the previous screen to set it once more. This made the process of viewing last 4 weeks, then 5, then 6 up through last 12 weeks very inefficient and ungainly to navigate through.
  4. I have a requirement to automate reporting which is straightforward. However I also have a requirement to have the report include our company logo and use formatting of our choosing. The idea would be to have these reports automatically generated and delivered to customers without manual intervention. Hopefully this is a feature which I have yet to discover and if anyone has cracked it I would love to know the process.
  5. I am trying out the new custom reporting feature introduced in April but I have yet to produce a working report. Has anyone been able to produce a meaningful report and if so, are you willing to share a template? What I'm trying to do is produce a tabular report showing each volume for every device for a Group of Windows Servers. Rows should be Device/Volume, Columns should be Instance, Capacity, FreeSpace. Thanks!