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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, The custom graph could do with being a bit more customisable. Presently the X-axis is alway time. This is often useful but not always. It would be great to be able to define what's on the X-axis either just in terms of values or from datapoints. This was found whilst trying to create a dashboard to show disk space usage in a visually meaningful way. Thanks Mike
  2. REQUEST: Please add the ability to create a custom graph with BOTH discrete instances (Top 10 or Show All) AND Aggregate entries in the same graph. USE CASE: We monitor very large NetApp aggregates and we need the ability to see IOPs and latency monitoring (which are only available at the volume level, which I can tie back to an aggregate). I want/need to be able to view both the aggregate-sum and the (top-10 or Show All) instances to determine relative impact of those instances on the overall performance of the aggregate and I have too many to aggregates to manage to be able to create 2 custom graphs for each..