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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm working on getting my Cisco switches monitored and found that I cannot see, at least by default, to logic monitor to alert me when a port is on "error disabled" mode. I found this KB but I'm not sure how to actually create the event that it mentions, may I ask the community for some help? This is the KB I found: Thanks!
  2. I am trying to setup a ConfigSource in LogicMonitor for Cisco ISE backups. We want the backup to only pull when a change is made in ISE. The out-of-the-box Cisco_IOS and Cisco_NXOS ConfigSources don't seem to work for ISE. So I tried to make a ConfigSource from the LM page but I haven't been able to get it to work properly. I made a copy of Cisco_IOS so I could have the Config Checks and removed the scripts. I have the following: AppliesTo: ( ( startsWith( system.sysinfo, "Cisco Identity
  3. Hi all I am hoping that someone has come against this requirement. While I can monitor port channels, I would like to monitor the port channel interfaces but not as interfaces, as the channel group that they are. So ideally that if one of the interfaces in the port channel is down that we can alert on its degraded state. As an interface, the port channel remains up and happy so doesn't cater for individual failures. I have been hunting for a suitable MIB for this but getting varied results between Cisco devices. Any help on this topic is appreciated. David
  4. I submitted an enhancement for the CiscoQoS datasource, but until LM processes it you can import this. The existing version creates an instance for (QoS object + QoS Class +Qos Policy) * interfaces, so a single switch can easily have 5000+ instances. I added some properties during Active Discovery that you can use to filter based on policy direction, interface type, interface name/desc, or class name/desc. By default it only adds policies applied in the outbound direction (shaping traffic). auto.qos.interface.desc auto.qos.interface.type auto.
  5. Datasource to monitor active SSL Cisco AnyConnect sessions on a Cisco ASA LM Exchange Locator: RWLRW2
  6. Does anyone have any experienced with monitoring a Cisco ACI environment? Any good documentation that I can reference? Thanks,
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help me out with the proper way to monitor multiple Meraki devices. The use case will be to have the ability to monitor one Meraki Firewall and multiple Meraki switches in multiple sites. However from my understanding they are under one cloud access URL. What would the best coarse of action to monitor these devices to get individual device statistics? Thanks in Advance
  8. Tossed this together today to track throughput license usage on platforms that license maximum levels (e.g., ISR4K) as the impact of exceeding this can be otherwise tricky to identify. Definitely could use more work, but a decent starting point. 7ZYRDH
  9. This isn't a question but I didn't see anybody else post this. One thing we've noticed in our environment is that when a Gbic starts to go bad CRC errors start incrementing on a port. Currently LM doesn't monitor for CRC errors, that we could find. In order for this to work you have to go to the sub interface in config mode and turn on rmon statistics. Then you get OID where X is for CRC errors and Y is the number you assigned as the process ID. For example on an HPE 5130 [HP5130-Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/51]rmon statistics 1 owner LM Gives you OID
  10. Hey there, I'm sharing my datasources for CUCM that use the Serviceability APIs using PowerShell and SOAP (I'm a powershell scripter, still haven't gotten the time to fully understand groovy). I'll expand on this post as I get further down adding additional datasources from the Serviceability APIs. All of these require a cucm.user and cucm.pass entered on the devices that are the call manager servers. Cisco CUCM Device Status- DXZRTZ - Reports the following datapoints for all devices registered to CUCM - StatusReason, IsRegistered, IsNotRegistered, NumOfLines, Registration
  11. Organizations with POE deployments may have an interest in monitoring port level power statistics for their POE switches. PowerOverEthernet_PortLevel has locator code 3D9TYM and should be available for import after it has been approved by our monitoring team This DataSource is based on the CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-MIB and includes the following datapoints: Normal datapoints PortAdditionalStatus . PortDeviceDetected . PortDiscoverMode . PortIeeePd . Po
  12. Created a separate Datasource for monitoring Cisco trunk interfaces only. I find this extremely useful for MSP's when you are monitoring hundreds of Cisco devices but do not need to create alerts on access Ports. This helps cut down on "noise" alerts that have no real actionable tasks. The majority of access ports will connect to end devices or servers that you are already monitoring individually. For our purposes, I left the normal interface datasource as active but shutoff the alerts so we can still pull the statistical data on access ports. To eexclude the Trunk Ports for the normal i
  13. Datasource that uses active discover to find ports in errdisabled state and create an Error in LogicMonitor LM Exchange: GR4XMN
  14. We have two Cisco 8540 wireless controllers. We are trying to monitor our access points but half of them are always down. Since both controllers know about all the access points the ones not associated to that controller at that time appear as down. Has anyone been successful in only getting alerts for truly down APs?
  15. Hi all, I need to monitor a few cisco SPA502 Phones and I don't see any SNMP setting on it... is there any way to add one of these to logicmonitor beside the basic info? Thanks!!
  16. A simple module that uses Expect to connect to a device and check if the device is in active or standby state based on the command prompt string. I implemented this because some of our devices were failing over to standby, which is fine, but we need to know when it happens as in some cases we have different bandwidth capacity. The module simply returns a 0 or a 1, depending on active or standby state. J9RFA2
  17. We would like a datasource for monitoring alerts form Cisco UCS Server CIMC cards. This would help make us aware of hardware issues on Cisco Servers much quicker
  18. We are looking to get monitoring against our Cisco ACS/ISE instances to ensure radius authentication is working. Wanted to see if anyone has put anything together like this yet? For example, a check that uses a service account to auth against a specific ACS instance and returns a pass/fail/timeout/etc. that can be alerted on. Thanks!
  19. When LogicMonitor discovers Cisco switches and other network devices, there are often numerous interfaces that are monitored, when they should not be. Think about a 4507 chassis with 80% user ports that we don't want to look at, but 10 access point and 2 uplinks that we do. Right now when going into instances for the a device and editing interfaces and trying to disable multiple selections, you can only do this within the page you are on. If you select say 10 interfaces from a page, then hit next page and select 10 more, only the 10 from the page you are currently on get disabled. Th
  20. Anybody created a datasource to pull "License Usage" from the Cisco Prime License Manager? Attached is a screenshot showing the metrics we are trying to capture. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hello, I'm a new user. Started monitoring a Cisco WLC5508 and it did a good job of picking up the APs. We need to see how many users are on each AP to verify they are not oversubscribed. LM has a "Top 10" graph that shows how many users per AP radio, and there are 2 radios per AP at the site. Is there a way to see this for ALL APs, and is there a way to see it by AP and not by radio? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!