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Found 3 results

  1. You might have received an alert saying your linux based device has just rebooted, but you know that it has been up a long time. A switch might have just sent an alert for every interface flapping when they have all been up solidly. The important question to ask here is how long has the device been up? If its been up for 497 days,994 days,1491 days or any multiple of 497 then you are seeing the 497 day bug, that hits almost every linux based device that is up for a good length of time. Anything using a kernel less than 2.6 computes the system uptime based on the internal ji
  2. I’d like to re-initiate this bug report. The Uptime resetting counters at 497 days or 469 days (historical) I just had a similar false alarm telling me that my devices rebooted, when they did not. Please have the DEV team review this specific monitor and determine how the system can display 497+ days “uptime” --------------------------------- ________________________________________ SEP 11, 2015 | 01:56PM CDT Original message ________________ wrote: Support team at logic monitor, Is it possible to request adjustment to the "Uptime" data sou
  3. Hello, The title says it all really. I cloned a custom JDBC datasource which already had credentials filled in, but the credentials weren't preserved. I wasn't told about this and had to go digging in the collector logs: [06-03 07:19:34.455 UTC] [MSG] [DEBUG] [pool-29-thread-29::collector.jdbc:Task:155185:db-server.some.where:PostgresServer-5432:jdbc:166] [JDBCTask._collect:223] Create JDBC connection, CONTEXT=timeout=10s, url=jdbc:postgresql://db-server.some.where:5432/, username=, passwordLength=0 [06-03 07:19:34.463 UTC] [MSG] [ERROR] [pool-29-thread-29::collector.jdbc:Task:155185: