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Found 3 results

  1. Whilst LogicMonitor support two-factor authentication (, beyond phone call and SMS options, it appears be limited to Authy as a provider. Whilst they're a perfectly good vendor, it would be useful if it were possible to configure Multi-Factor Authentication across a variety of providers. Of most interest to me right now is Azure MFA. Is this something that is available already (though undocumented)? If not is this something that could be factored into the release cycle? Many Thanks ~Nick
  2. Currently 2FA supports text message, and you can create an Authy account after enabling 2FA in LM. But if you already have an MFA account (Authy, Google Authenticator or otherwise) there is no way to add LM into your existing application. A QR code or numeric code to add to a third party MFA device would be useful. Thanks
  3. I am trying to monitor our website and validate a test account can log in successfully. The site uses Form Based authentication (not Basic or NTLM). So I need to somehow POST the login credentials to another webservice and have the info sent back. Problem is the authentication web service page is on a different URL domain. Step 1: Navigate to http// and validate splash page Step 2: "Get /login.aspx" (takes me to Step 3: POST User/Pass & *probably* cookie session info from Step 2 to Step 4: Get the "login successfully" response from and validate page Seems once i create a Web Service can only define 1 domain (i.e., so I have not way to make the secondary call to the webservice to authenticate that the different domain Any way to do this with LogiMonitor Services? Thanks