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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to collect the average/max value of a field or metric only for a particular time range which we choose. I am unaware through which kind of Widget I can show the average/max value of a particular time period as a single value. I tried using Gauge & Big Number Widget to show my single average value for a specific time period. But the problems are as follows: 1. Big Number Widget - will show only the single value but it does not have any type of aggregation function (Min, max, avg) 2. Gauge widget - Contains Aggregation function to select. But not sure whether it is aggregating the field values according to the time range we select. Because everytime when the Dashboard/Widget is refreshed according to the Refresh Frequency, it is showing different values. For example, if I select the time range from March 1st to March 31st, then aggregate values should be same as it is not the real-time occurence. I tried with Graph Widget (refer the attached screenshot Avg_metric_CPU), it is providing me the proper values of that time. But I need the data to be shown as single average value, monthly-wise. Could anyone please help me on this.
  2. When Configuring Dashboards there are relatively few predefined Time Ranges that you can choose. There is an option to create custom time ranges, but when you create a custom time range it is static. The predefined time ranges are all relative to the current time. Request 1: Allow administrators to modify (add/remove/edit) predefined "Relative" time ranges Request 2: If for some reason Request 1 poses significant obstacles, can you add predefined time ranges for "last 8 hours" and "last 12 hours"
  3. For a datasource, we would like to be able to set the alert threshold over more than a single sample. You can set the number of threshold violations needed for an alert, but this is far different in nature than setting a threshold over a time range. For example, 60% CPU over 2 hours versus 60% CPU over 10 samples. You might see CPU fluctuate within that period, preventing an alert, but the average over a longer period is valuable. Similarly, we would like to get alerts not just on average over a time period, but also on slope over a time period, though perhaps the latter should be a separate request. Thanks, Mark