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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, We just implemented LMConfig and I'm trying to run a report to see what devices do not have the IOS configuration successfully downloaded. We have some legacy equipment still not Configured for SSH and TACACS accounts. so I'm trying to get out of having to manually hunting through all our devices to determine what ones need SSH configured and what ones need the TACACS account added. Even just being able to pull a report on all devices and what ones have the ConfigSources - IOS Configs field would be a big help. See attached pic for a visual Cheers and Thanks in adv
  2. I would like to be able to assign custom properties on a report. Specifically the field below in yellow. It would be nice to be able to adjust that to display a company named based on a report folder group custom property.
  3. When building a report, I would like to be able to exclude things. There are scenarios for excluding... Exclude groups - We have a lot of device groups. It would be simpler to be able to exclude 1 or 2 groups instead of adding 2 dozen or more groups. Exclude devices that are in an SDT Exclude devices that have Alerting/Monitoring disabled - People are running reports and then asking me why some have "No Data"... that's usually because alerting has been disabled, but it's still in the report because the device matched the criteria. This is causing a lot of "run-around" to cr
  4. Hi LM Community, My first post here! Hello to all! I'm looking for a method to create a bandwidth report for all of my WAN interfaces only that are currently configured.. SNMP is activated on all of these devices. As of now the pre-built BW report can pull on a specific device, however that will show me all of the instances, and not just the single WAN instance I'm looking to report on. End game I'm trying to create a automated repeatable report that I can deliver to my client which shows usages of the circuits (Min/Max/Average) on one report. Decent size network, so we're talking ar
  5. It would be nice that when building a report you can filter by the value of a CUSTOM PROPERTY VALUE instead of having to create a dynamic group that links to an appliesToFunction in order to create a dataset for your report. As an example we have different ServiceLevels of monitoring we offer our clients so each of our devices has a custom property value named ServiceLevel with a particular value. So if I wanted report that shows me all devices in a particular servicelevel the reporting engine does not allow me to filter for a specific value of the field rather will display all values of that
  6. The SLA reports enable us to define the date time masks to apply against the data. We would like to be able to do the same for Trend metrics reports. Use case, we want to see the average ICMP response for Mon-Fri, business hours.
  7. Please allow reports to be scheduled down to an hourly level (e.g., checkboxes for different hours in a day) -- daily is not sufficient for some applications. I can workaround this by creating N copies of the same report scheduled daily at different times, but seems like a lot of opportunity for definitions to slip out of sync. Thanks, Mark
  8. Hello LogicMonitor Team! Starting to work with the custom reports, I was hoping to see this feature added to the list: When creating graphs in a word document, I'm noticing that they are hard to format because they are created in one generic size. It would be great if graphs were created to fit in the container they were placed in (I tried to put the graphs in a table), but I would be equally happy if we could specify a custom height and width for the graph Thanks!
  9. The new custom report feature is pretty cool, working on implementation now for a few customers. For many of our customers, we create a Powerpoint presentation where LogicMonitor graphs make up the bulk of the content. Custom Word documents are a great start, but we would love to see the ability to upload a Powerpoint presentation for a custom report as well. Thanks! Adam
  10. For opening....the old reporting was way better: The new one forces save before you run the report : WHY? The new one did NOT incorporate any really meaningful improvements a. it doesn't allow us to customize on the fly....the report is what it 2016 that alone is pretty disappointing. b. it doesn't allow drag-drop of graphical content: The "no graphs" in reports, to me, is a major hang up. c. slow......very slow........selecting what you want......and then watching the bottom half of the screen paint in.....because there is no way to DISABLE the real-time v
  11. ADDITIONAL note: I'd like a ONE click button option to export the current view's background data straight to .CSV I'm seriously unhappy with the flow of the new reporting modules and I run through it (saving a copy or overwriting the settings) 20 times before I get EXACTLY what I want the data to be in my csv. If I could pull up an event source, or a Graph view....>SEE the data that I want there for the Time frame I am searching....and hit ONE button (one click) and have the system export THAT specific data to .csv formatted out put, it would stream line my weekly, d
  12. in reference to Case #: 52826 When drilling down to a Item and have an entire screen of charts. Id like to be able to Print or Create a reports of those charts. Because of the way it fits on the screen , Im unable to capture it via print in the browser. Id like to be able to create some report.