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  1. Thanks to Dave Femino with our Product Management team for stopping by with a demonstration of our new LM Logs search capabilities! Please fill out our survey to let us know how much you like our webinars. Here's a list of the questions asked and the times when they were asked. Q: [17:01] Very cool. Will those Aggregates be available as widgets to put on a dashboard?with the login issues that plagued many services providers today. is there a secondary portal we can access like tenantname2.lm... Q: [21:58] Unrelated to logs: Wondering if there is a way to do reporting on configs? Like an aggregate of a specific config for many resources OR all resources that have a specific string in a config, etc. I guess the other use case was having a way to aggregate a small config from many devices into a report. I didn't see that within reports but was hoping there might be some roundabout way to do it Q: [26:54] (This is long so if you want me to verbalize it I can.) We have some DataSources where the Collect script fails to run successfully, and in the Raw Data we get No Data for some DataSources and _no rows at all_ under Raw Data for other DataSources. In each case there are Datapoints which are set to raise an Alert for No Data, but that's not happening - apparently because the script is abending instead of completing. I've developed a work-around for custom DataSources, but we don't want to have to customize ones with this issue that are coming from the Core Repo. Any suggestions? ("Please contact Support" is an OK answer!!!) Q: [33:09] with the login issues that plagued many service providers today. is there a secondary portal we can access like tenantname2.lm...? Q: [34:20] Is this discussion a logging only or can we address alert levels and escalation chains? Q: [34:35] any plans on updating the mail lib Q: [35:15] I may need to verbalize my situation. I have multiple levels od support and need to direct alerts to 1st level for 30 minutes, ect Q: [44:08] Any plans to incorporate iperf or any other bandwidth testing tools into the collector? Anything that you can run on a Collector you should be able to wrap in a script, and then call that script from a DataSource. We're doing that with great success - although not the tools you mention. Do you have a link or example that explains this process more? Q: [46:35] can an event source output an info level alert. so far only warning (yellow) show up in my event source widget. Q: [47:40] I think I fully understand how Custom HTTP Integrations work, in that they originate from the LM infrastructure and not from Collectors. We would like to be able to have an Integration (or the functional equivalent of one) send the outbound HTTP/HTTPS call from an internal Collector instead. Any thoughts on something like a custom DataSource which could trigger a webhook, originating from a Collector? (I think such a DS would have to poll the Alerts API which might not scale well.) Q: [49:36] Is there any DataSource available for tracking Santa? Seriously though, is there a master go-to list of any / all public & private LogicModule collections that are not in Exchange? Post webinar note: Stay tuned here. I found some stuff and want to play around building what i can build. There may even be a blog post coming.
  2. Thanks for attending today! Please fill out our feedback survey to help us keep programs like this going! Questions asked during this webinar: [1:25] I recently discovered that a couple of our Collectors in a couple different ABCGs are provisioned with more memory than the others, so I bumped those with 16+ GB up to X-Large while the others are still Large. Is this a Really Bad Thing? I couldn't find anywhere in the docs that talks about good-or-bad for mixing Collector sizes in a Group, only that the versions need to be the same. Thoughts? Oddly, the one I made X-Large has the least Instances!! It's been running for more than a month that way. Does the load-balancing not happen based on CPU and/or memory load? D'oh! Got it now. I need more coffee apparently. Thanks!!! 😃 [5:55] In the SNMP_Network_Interfaces datasource, why is ifindex written into the instance name? If the interface index changes (on a device reboot for example), the instance will become stale. but the port is different? We get duplicate instances when they forget to turn on the index persistance. Usually it clears up if we remove them all and re-discover yeah thats what we noticed, thanks [10:17] We are currently set up with one local collector per site. All these collectors are set up to have their failover collector be the main" one at our main site. The problem we're running into is that when the Internet connection at one of the branch sites goes down, we fail over to the main collector at the main site and then get a ton of alerts about sites at the remote site being down. Is there any way to avoid these alerts? Hope this makes sense. I forgot to mention that we have VPN between the main site and the branch sites Okay thanks for the info [18:19] Follow-up question to my previous main/remote site collector issue. Is there a way to have failover collectors that require manual fail over (vs. automatic)? Okay makes sense. But failing back would be tough because we would have to pick and choose which devices to fail back to the remote site right? [Answered after webinar: Yes, you'd have to maintain that mapping back to the original collector. Naming standards might help with that.] [12:25] Is there a way to do SDT for just the weekend days? We have a need for SDT for servers in Azure that we take down starting at 8:00PM on Friday until 8:00AM on Monday. So alerts will go for those 15 minutes then? [16:00] We have a LM web site monitor that monitors an https: connection to an Apache Web server instance. Each monitor attempt generates a pair of entries in the web server's error log Error occurred during SSL processing, error = 406. SSL initialization operation failed, return code error = 3426. Is there a setting we can change on LM to prevent this? SSL is "required" for this instance [20:10] Apologies if this was already covered, but how do I import a MIB file? I have my watchdogs monitored but none of the SNMP attributes show up. [22:43] I have a weird and hard-to-explain thing. Mind if I verbalize the question? It's about an EventSource and the size of the data it's putting into the ##VALUE## Alert Token. [27:28] I sometimes get alerts for System Event Log Errors. The Datasource can be modified to exclude a specific event ID. I do not want to modify the Datasource. Can an event ID be excluded for individual resources (servers)? Also, I have modified the filter for some event ID's. If I install an update, will I lose my custom entries ? Am interested in doing it at the group level. where did you go for applying at group ? [33:04] We have a customer (we're a sort of MSP) where they want to have custom Thresholds and/or Alerting on/off for individual Instances of NetApp Volumes. Since Instances in this DS come from Active Discovery, I believe the only way to have per-Instance settings is to have an external script do that via API. Is that correct? [37:07] If nobody else has questions, is there anything new / cool you want to show from v160 or v161? [39:36] Is there an easy way to monitor servers for Missing Windows Updates? How about expiring SSL Certificates? @Nick the relatively new DS "SSL Certificates" lmLocator: J3K9WC is actually so good at finding services with certs that we have found things using certs we didn't even know about!! We use that Windows Patches Needed and it's AWESOME. We use the Windows Patches needed datasource and it works great. The limitation is that your server must be able to hit the MS Update websites. It won't work if your servers use WSUS / cant hit MS Update. We have wmi.user on most of our servers Locator code for _Windows patches needed DataSource: N7R7YZ [43:07] From the v161 release notes: LogicModule Snippets "Snippets are pieces of reusable code that enable quicker updating of modules, consistency across suites, the ability to use classes when developing modules, and more. Module snippets are stored and automatically distributed to Collectors every 24 hours. Support for snippets requires Collector version 30.000 or higher." there is a module in the release as well that references it Cisco UCS (1 Module Snippet) "The request body for login has been updated to accommodate double quotes in passwords." [43:54] I have not used a script from the community before, would it be possible to walk through using the N7R7YZ ? [48:02] What is the best practice for keeping these DataSources Updated? Does everyone simply update all of them on a scheduled basis? Never update? Our CSM got us a limited-use "sandbox" portal, where we import all new modules as soon as they are released, then after evaluation we bring them in to the prod portal. It's manual, but there are some API endpoints that might work. We do it manually because it's so quick to do with practice. One tip for module updates: When you look at the "diff" in the UI for an update, it's structured JSON for old and new. You can pipe JSON through "python -m json.tool" to sort it, and then you can do a standard command-line "diff" to see what changed in a way that's more clear than the UI sometimes! [54:05] Since nobody has entered any more serious questions.... Just curious... Do the LM developers ever sneak out "easter eggs"? Case in point I have written some custom scripts which include fun stuff in the HTTP headers.
  3. Thanks to everyone that joined yesterday's office hours webinar! Please take a moment to fill out our feedback survey. Here is a copy of the recording.
  4. Thanks for attending our webinar! Please fill out our feedback survey to help us continue providing programs like this. Q: I can see that LogicMonitor works a lot by polling information from devices but what if I was looking for a way of just receiving for example SNMP traps and manipulate them into showing me some relevant information by mapping those OIDs with a meaningfull message. Is this possible? A: [0:25] Links provided via chat:
  5. Thanks for attending! Please fill out our feedback survey here. Questions answered during this session: Q: [7:40] We have a directory underneath agent/bin. It’s the scripts directory. All else is owned by logicmonitor.logicmonitor. The scripts directory is owned by root.root. Any problems with that. I think they’redd all marked as executable by all. But directory ownership might prevent logicmonitor from putting a script onto a collector I’d guess. /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/ Q: [14:57] Process running as root vs. logicmonitor user, is that a problem? Would upgrades work? Q: [20:00] Collector installation requiring writing to the sudoers file. Ours is tightly controlled, what problems might we have?grzz Q: [23:48] What is the risk of having different version Collectors in an ABCG during an upgrade? Q: [not on recording] How far can you back-level collector versions? I’ve seen that you can go back one at least available from the Manage button. A: You can only download and install the versions that are available.
  6. Please consider filling out our feedback survey:
  7. Please consider filling out our feedback survey:
  8. Thanks to all the participants! Here's a survey, let us know how you liked it:
  9. We discussed basic alert tuning, very-advanced level alert tuning, datasource importation, working with support, and a little bit about account organization. Thanks to all the participants! Here's a survey, let us know how you liked it:
  10. Here's the recording of today's webinar. Please consider filling out our feedback survey. Question index: 2:38: are there any pros / cons for using Linux based collectors ? 6:13: Are there any issues running the Collector on a server providing other services (WSUS for example), or should it be standalone? 11:30: Are there any automation possibilities? For example, if a service stops on a Windows server, is there a way LogicMonitor can try to restart the service? Linked Github repo here 17:23: Is there a way to monitor the underlying Azure infrastructure, not our components but the Azure components on which they run? 21:37: Is there any way to see if other customers are exporting data from LogicMonitor to view the data in another system? Grafana? PowerBI? LM API documentation here Webinar schedule for 2021 Main Community Home page 38:12: Is LM Logs a part of LogicMonitor, or is it an external tool we'll have to buy? LM Logs Main Support Documentation 40:08: can you show how to tweek/change anomality part for logs or it can be done?
  11. Today's questions were about embedding dashboards or widgets and feature requests Participant survey here:
  12. Thanks to those who attended the office hours Q&A webinar today. Please use this link to submit your feedback! Here is a copy of the recording:
  13. 6:30 Q: Can an alert be un-acked using the API or an integration? A: No, an alert cannot be un-acked. In the logicmontior platform an ack is interpreted as taking ownership of an alert. It may be possible to use an SDT instead of an Ack, but I do not believe this is possible using a bi-directional integration. 12:30 Q: I would like to create a widget that includes storage metrics but the percentage does not provide enough context. A: Let me explain where the data comes from and demonstrate the table widget and some of its capabilites 28:45 Q: We have a topology issue where certain VMware entities are not showing up properly in topology maps A: An explanation of how Topology Works (ERIs, TopologySources, etc) and a description of some basic troubleshooting techniques 47:15 Q: How might I audit the ability of a role to access a particular resource A: Either the role report through a manual process, or use of the api to match users roles, groups, and devices. API docs for the relevant objects here: Please fill out our webinar survey
  14. Thanks for attending this morning's EMEA Office Hours session. Please provide feedback by answering a few questions for us. Here's the recording:
  15. Participant Survey: Webinar Q & A 0:30 Question: How do I handle Syslog and Traps in conjunction with Auto Balanced Collector Groups? A: We generally try to make it so that traps are unnecessary by polling for most of the data you'd need. If traps or syslog are necessary, it's likely that statically assigned collectors are necessary. It's possible if you're using LM Logs to capture these flows on dedicated collectors. 22:00 Question: Please demonstrate Safe LogicModule Merge in the exchange Answer: We showed a few things; note that the LM exchange is about to be changed 32:15 Question: Is it possible to add scripted text to a dashboard Answer: There are several potential ways to make dashboard text dynamic. Text widgets are actually in HTML and can be worked with programmatically. It's also possible to use the HTML widgets to embed content from other web services. 39:30 Question: How do I write efficient groovy scripts for data collection? Answer: We give a quick rundown of some good coding practices, including using BatchScript for collection.
  16. Make plans now to attend this month's Office Hours webinar. In addition to our usual open Q&A, we will be pleased to have Chris Sternberg and Brian Gladden, product managers at LogicMonitor give us an update on the newest product features released around our Alert UI improvements and Cloud Exchange and SaaS monitoring. Then, if you have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor, our experts will be live to answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions! Register now!
  17. 3:30 Auto Balanced Collector Group: planning for large distributed environment 10:00 Collector analytics 15:00 Monitoring feeds using scripted EventSources 21:00 Auto Balanced Collector Group Continued 40:30 Website checks 51:00 SLA feature request and feedback 58:30 AWS filters using tags Please fill out a feedback survey
  18. We wanted to call special attention to this month's last-Wednesday webinar as it will be slightly different than our normal Office Hours. We will still have a Q&A section, but before we get to the questions, we'll have @Sarah Terry, Sr. Director, Product Management on the webinar to present a new segment called "What's new at LM?" She'll be talking about LM Logs, our new log analytics feature. Register here then bring your coffee and questions!
  19. Thanks to everyone for joining today's webinar. Please feel free to provide feedback about the webinars here. Here's the recording of today's webinar where we discussed the new SNMP_Network_Interfaces DataSource. We covered some advanced use cases and general strategies around migrating from the old (eventually to be deprecated) DataSource to this one.
  20. Thanks for attending this morning's session for EMEA. For those that attended, please fill out our feedback survey here. This afternoon's session still has room for more attendees, so sign up now! Here's the recording from this morning's session: Here's the widget mentioned in this morning's session. Here are the questions asked and where you can find the answers in the videos: Q [9:17]Do you know if there are any plans to provide filtering on dashboards so that you can make them a bit contextual?. An example is that we have a customer with about 900 sites and the are pretty much identical. So would be good to be able to filter down to a device to drive the context of charts on the dashboard rather than having a dashboard per site. I know you can state a default device token, however its not really user friendly especially if you dont give manage rights to the dashboard. It would be good to see the widget, thanks for that suggestion. No rush if others have other questions. Q: [24:10] Would you be able to run through a setup of a Service? example could be a web server, a sql server etc and how they alert?. no thanks Q: [36:32] Hi Stuart, Maybe a question often asked an often answered. How can i give access to a dashbroad for a kiosk pc/account Ok, nice. And because we use SAML/SSO you would you for that shared dashboard use a account outside of the federation? Q: [47:13] Another question. Decrease the polling interval for snmp globaly. possible somehow? my linux guys are bothered about the logs ok so i have to do that on every datasource
  21. Have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor? LogicMonitor experts are live to explain best practices and answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions! US Session registration here EMEA Session Registration here
  22. Have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor? LogicMonitor experts are live to explain best practices and answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions! Register here.
  23. Have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor? LogicMonitor experts are live to explain best practices and answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions! US Session registration here EMEA Session Registration here