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Found 3 results

  1. Please add a tooltip to the NOC widget blocks to show the full caption when the label of the resource, website, group label if truncated when it is too long for it, and ellipsis is shown.
  2. Hello LM Team, It would be great if the NOC widget in the Dashboards have the possibility to filter out inactive devices and show only the ones that actually have alerting enabled. For example we have VCenter that have 1500 virtual machines, but only about 10% of them are to be monitored at all times, so by default alerting is disabled for all VM machines from VCenter but these we actually need. Unfortunately the NOC widget will show us everything from that Datasource and it's problematic. Thank you.
  3. We'd like the ability to illustrate a data center "rack" physically on a dashboard. In simplest terms we'd like to be able to custom sort and arrange items in a single column NOC Widget to represent hardware in a rack. The current sorting options on this Widget don't allow this (alphabetical or alert severity). Ideally we'd really like a new "Rack" widget into which I can drop in devices in the appropriate "U" locations giving an instant rack health overview capability on a dashboard. Longer term LM could take this further and have a free-form dashboard Widget/container onto which users can drop networking devices and "connectors" to mock up an indicative network schema. The above ideas would give users visibility of rack and network health in a more meaningful and intuitive notation.