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  1. Hi all , Live Training - Installing and Managing Collectors - 29th JUNE 2022 - APAC region . Please view the video recording : Here is our feedback form : Thanks
  2. Thanks to Dave Femino with our Product Management team for stopping by with a demonstration of our new LM Logs search capabilities! Please fill out our survey to let us know how much you like our webinars. Here's a list of the questions asked and the times when they were asked. Q: [17:01] Very cool. Will those Aggregates be available as widgets to put on a dashboard?with the login issues that plagued many services providers today. is there a secondary portal we can access like tenantname2.lm... Q: [21:58] Unrelated to logs: Wondering if there is a way to do reporting on configs? Like an aggregate of a specific config for many resources OR all resources that have a specific string in a config, etc. I guess the other use case was having a way to aggregate a small config from many devices into a report. I didn't see that within reports but was hoping there might be some roundabout way to do it Q: [26:54] (This is long so if you want me to verbalize it I can.) We have some DataSources where the Collect script fails to run successfully, and in the Raw Data we get No Data for some DataSources and _no rows at all_ under Raw Data for other DataSources. In each case there are Datapoints which are set to raise an Alert for No Data, but that's not happening - apparently because the script is abending instead of completing. I've developed a work-around for custom DataSources, but we don't want to have to customize ones with this issue that are coming from the Core Repo. Any suggestions? ("Please contact Support" is an OK answer!!!) Q: [33:09] with the login issues that plagued many service providers today. is there a secondary portal we can access like tenantname2.lm...? Q: [34:20] Is this discussion a logging only or can we address alert levels and escalation chains? Q: [34:35] any plans on updating the mail lib Q: [35:15] I may need to verbalize my situation. I have multiple levels od support and need to direct alerts to 1st level for 30 minutes, ect Q: [44:08] Any plans to incorporate iperf or any other bandwidth testing tools into the collector? Anything that you can run on a Collector you should be able to wrap in a script, and then call that script from a DataSource. We're doing that with great success - although not the tools you mention. Do you have a link or example that explains this process more? Q: [46:35] can an event source output an info level alert. so far only warning (yellow) show up in my event source widget. Q: [47:40] I think I fully understand how Custom HTTP Integrations work, in that they originate from the LM infrastructure and not from Collectors. We would like to be able to have an Integration (or the functional equivalent of one) send the outbound HTTP/HTTPS call from an internal Collector instead. Any thoughts on something like a custom DataSource which could trigger a webhook, originating from a Collector? (I think such a DS would have to poll the Alerts API which might not scale well.) Q: [49:36] Is there any DataSource available for tracking Santa? Seriously though, is there a master go-to list of any / all public & private LogicModule collections that are not in Exchange? Post webinar note: Stay tuned here. I found some stuff and want to play around building what i can build. There may even be a blog post coming.
  3. Hi all , Thanks for attending our Live Training - Tuning Datapoints and Alerts - 15th JUNE 2022 - APAC region . Please view the video recording : Please do complete the feedback form here ;
  4. Thanks to those that attended this Live Training - Introduction to Dashboards - 18th MAY 2022 - APAC . Here is a link to the recording of our presentation .
  5. Thanks all for attending our APAC Product Overview -Collectors, Resources/Groups, Dashboards on 11th May 2022 here is the video of this Webinar : Here is our feedback link :
  6. Thanks for attending today's webinar. Please fill out our survey.
  7. Thanks for attending today's webinar. Please fill out our feedback form here.
  8. 27th APRIL 2022 - APAC Open Office Hours : How to add devices in LogicMonitor ? Managing AWS and Azure devices using Tag Filters . Managing Alerts on Eventsources . Please fill out the survey
  9. Thanks for attending our webinar today. Please give us feedback so we can improve our live trainings. Questions asked during this session: Front loading questions here.We have several sites with IT and OT hardware behind a VPN on a network that is not dependable. When the VPN goes down each device sends an individual alert. Is there anything we can do to limit the alerts coming in from a specific site? For instance We just had 244 alerts come in from a single site because the VPN went down momentarily. in the default alert table, I don't see the time series options and charts you had.. I only show "any time" settings only shows table settings I am admin, yes. Thank you Is this being recorded? so I can share it with the rest of my team. How much history is considered to calculate the norm? Using RBAC, can I configure a specific application team to configure their own alerts, but not overide rules that a monitoring team may be using? Can you walk us through customizing alert messages? When will the batch job fucntions/templates such as changing snmp community names, updating ACLs or others to all 200 devices be added to LM? Other monitoring tools have the batch jobs fucntions to execute command scripts to multiple devices for certain fucntions such as I mentioned earlier. We get alert calls based on our alert rules for "down" state and "all clear". Is there a way to receive the "down" calls and not the "all clear" calls? can you elaborate a little on custom dashboards? for instance we monitor a lot of edge devices on the field, and would like to setup a dashboard that fetches for Ping loss percent, host status, and would like to customize the dashboard to display those alerts as well as MAC address associated with devices Can we set an alerting threshold for an individual device to only alert x times per time period? How to effectively protect customizations to the various sources - say datasource, when you update the datasource.
  10. Thanks for attending the APAC Product Overview - Alert Tuning & Routing on 13th APRIL 2022 . Please let us know how we did:
  11. The 3/30 webinar had questions about: Alert rules Alert tuning DataSources Vs. ConfigSources and one at the end that we were not able to answer. (The answer was StackStorm! The recording: Please fill out the survey:
  12. Thanks for attending today's webinar. Please fill out our feedback survey. Questions asked: [2:00] How can I use LM for billing purposes? CLient wants to know what the total throughput is on a network interface per cycle/month ie 50 Gbps or 10 Tbps. I was thinking about converting the inOctetxt to a counter. sorry, dont need a rate. what you have done is perfect can you do 95th percentile? can you talk around the use fields in that report? start, end, max, = change% ? is this between periods or between the previous report? [9:52] Have you any experience of calling credentials e.g. SNMP v3 from an exteranl password manager e.g. 1password? [11:23] Is there a way to stop auto discovery of resources from within Azure within Logic Monitor or AWS [15:19] I asked on the forums about manual topo mapping. The last time you recored this, it seems a piece was cut off. I built out the mario brothers world sample, but could not quite figure out all the steps such the actual linking database. I want to manually link multiple ping-multi instances (ran from the collector) to be dependant on a specifc router/interface status. So that will be instances being dependant on datasources. what is the 2nd method to get an erID allocated? [28:24] is any Data Source available to monitor HA WLC failover? [30:44] is there a way to show datasource counts as a big number? I.e. count the numbner of ping multi? I will try to post these datasources here soon. [33:28] I have a question about cluster alerting, have you been able to pass through a custom attribute into ServiceNow using the alert integration? Its an inherited field going to a custom field in ServiceNow Been playing around with the attributes n the ServiceNow intergration, just haven’t found the correct source field in LM yep, the mapping in ServiceNow isnt’ really an issue, its more the LM side [39:02] Since the new Network Interfaces ds was release (repalce interface 64) our alerts increased ny 1000s. mostly warning, interface status and flaps. Was it just me or did this happen to others? Still working through this. Thanks - I might need to use filters here to monitor critical interfaces only. Lots of end user ports that are not critical. [47:36] Are there any plans to release the capabilty to use Instance Descriptions more extensively in your portal? I want to be able to search for. description oin the rousources tab. I also want to be use these descriptions in widgets (DSIDESCRIPTION). Limited support for this currently.
  13. Thanks for attending the product overview session. Please let us know how we did:
  14. Thanks for attending our webinar today APAC Product overview - LogicModules (9th March 2022) ! Please fill out Feedback survey here
  15. Thanks for attending today's webinar! Please fill out our feedback survey here. Questions : (1) How can we check for Interface Utilization on Devices ? (2) How do i access Training Resources/Videos ? (3) How can we change Collector Size in LogicMonitor ? (4) How to increase or decrease Polling Cycle for Datasources ? (5) How to manage Historical Data in LogicMonitor ? Thanks
  16. Thanks for attending today's webinar! Please fill out our feedback survey here. Q&A transcript will be posted soon.
  17. Thanks all for attending today's webinar. Please consider filling out our feedback survey to better adjust the schedule, topics, and presentation of our Live Training Webinars. Here's the replay from today's webinar: Questions asked during today's webinar: [1:24] can you show me how to create a noc view to show domain controllers and their uptime [6:30] SNMP: What is the status of a possible MIB import facility being developed? Adding all different OIDs is a lot of work... [9:44] how to setup email notifications only for high severity issues, eg ping loss [15:44] it is my understanding you can't un-acknowledge an alert.... is that correct? [17:29] is there a limit to how many collectors we can have, also is installing a collector just running a simple exe [26:40] Is there an easy way to create report on devices and their communication/status - what im looking is report by type of devices and specific detailis like os level /patching. Or issues with specific puller to be know if it works or never worked and need to be disabled. like for cisco or palo alto OS level so I will know if they require patching [41:26] Can I turn off WMI automatically for f.i. Linux devices? Add the NoWMI to the hasLinux() group? I have configured wmi credentials on the whole NOC...I probably want to move the credentials elsewhere...
  18. Thanks for attending our webinar today! Please fill out our feedback survey.
  19. Thanks for attending our Live Webinar today . APAC Product Overview Training - Collectors, Resources/Groups, Dashboards Webinar conducted on 9th February 2022 . Please do submit feedback here :
  20. Thanks for joining us for our US office hours. Below is the recording. We covered the following: Job Monitors Auto-balanced Collector Groups: how do devices move when collectors go down? Config backups Is it possible to group or sort devices by time added? Veeam Setup Collector - device link Veeam - dynamic groups and applies to Property autocomplete Interface status filtering - By interface, or by trigger interval Website Checks by IP address or FDQN Datasource updates
  21. Thanks all for attending today's EMEA office hours. Please consider filling out our feedback survey. I'm posting the recording now and hope to have the Q&A transcript posted later today or early tomorrow.
  22. Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar today! Below is a copy of the recording. We'd truly appreciate if you could take a moment to fill out our feedback survey.
  23. APAC Product Overview -Alert Tuning & Routing conducted on 12th January 2022 Thanks for attending! Please fill out our Survey here :
  24. APAC Product Overview - LogicModules conducted on 8th December 2021 Thanks for attending! Please fill out our Survey here :