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Found 9 results

  1. Please add an option to automatically add the External Ticket ID returned in the response to a Custom HTTP integration to the Notes field of the alert.
  2. I have come across this issue a few times now, and feel it's worth bringing up. A major roadblock to making our integrations (with major platforms like ConnectWise) work the way we want them to is the limitation of only being able to make a single API request per event/status change/etc. One example - we want to be able to insert the "Acknowledged" notes when an alert (or several) are ack'ed in LogicMonitor as a service note to the corresponding tickets in ConnectWise AND update the status of the ConnectWise ticket to 'In progress'. That requires 2 API calls: one (which is the default f
  3. In a little bit of a low profile announcement, we released the ability to import and export Custom HTTP integrations in LogicMonitor v.118! Using the collective available knowledge, I've sanitized and exported a handful of them as examples and/or starting points for anyone looking to utilize these solutions. See my 'LogicMonitor Integrations' Github repository to review and download the .JSON files for import to your LogicMonitor portal. Currently published integrations include: - Big Panda (Two Parts) - Freshdesk - Hipchat Server - Microsoft Teams
  4. IFTTT is a free SaaS platform that helps you "do more with all your apps and devices" - by providing an integration point between commonly used services and platforms. In the following example, we're using the IFTTT Applet webhooks "trigger" to activate a Philips Hue wireless lighting "action" - blinking the lights of the connected Hue platform as a result of a LogicMonitor alert! Other things you might be able to do with LogicMonitor alerts, through IFTTT (lots of untested possibilities!) : Change lighting colors based on alert status (red for new, green for cleared, etc.) Re
  5. I'm using custom http delivery to integrate alerts console and i need a specific date format. eg. 2017-06-19T11:16:19.744Z could be created a token for date and another to time or to allow to customize the format in general.
  6. We would like to have some additional activities for integrations. Currently integrations can be triggered for the following activities: Acknowledged Cleared Escalated/De-escalated We would like the following additional activities: Device Added Device Deleted Service Added Service Deleted This will solve a problem that we currently have. We use the HTTP integration to post events to a key-value database (in Google Cloud Platform). Normally, the 'cleared' activity will enable us to remove events from the
  7. I have at least one case where it would be handy to use an external integration in a filter-only mode. The idea is we could pass the tokens into the integration, and the integration would pass back a formatted message suitable for inclusion in an alert. In my case, the goal is to build a more powerful alert templating tool for the standard email method rather than requiring the integration also deliver alerts. One major result of this is that the integration server reliability becomes less critical -- if it is not responding, the default presentation could be used instead, for example.
  8. I would like to request the ability to utilize a token to pass the Acknowledgement Comment for an alert to a ConnectWise ticket. Ideally we would like it so that when a ConnectWise ticket's status is updated because the alert has been acknowledged in LogicMonitor, the comment set for the acknowledgement is passed and included in the ticket. Currently we are able to use the ##ALERTSTATUS## token to display the current status of the alert, but the ability to utilize the acknowledgement comment would greatly improve ticket handling. Thank you, Chris Czuhanich
  9. Hello, We currently use a third party (OpsGenie) for alerting, and currently we have a custom integration configured in LogicMonitor to send alert information to OpsGenie. Although there has been significant improvements to integrations over the past few months, one feature that lacks significantly for us is a supported two way integration between OpsGenie and LogicMonitor. This would be very similar to the partnership/integration that LogicMonitor has already built with PagerDuty. As LogicMonitor releases new integration features, it tends to break current workflows with alert creatio