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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Is someone involved in creating a custom connector for Power BI to pull data from Logic Monitor? I'm starting to investigate this now. If I get it to work I will give you information on how to do it when I'm done.
  2. It would be great if graphs could auto-scale using a logarithmic function so as to display data that tends to have wide variances. Currently, if one instance has an extremely high value, all other instances in the graph appear at the very bottom. A checkbox on the custom graph page should allow the graph to scale appropriately so as to keep that data visible.
  3. Many of the graph points in LogicMonitor hold descriptions of what the data supports. IE: for status 1=OK, 2=Down. Some of these are very long descriptions and when users are mousing over the graph they can only see a bit of this information. In order form to know what all the options are, they have to dig into datasources to figure out what is being reported. I suggest to either expand the data to show everything when you mouse over the datapoint, or allow a function of the graph to extend the side and print the description off the side of the graph if the user wants to see. This can be used in so many ways and is much more user friendly then having a user dig into the bowels of the tool to find what a number like 8 means when collected.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature enhancement. An overview graph in the resource view includes data for instances of an data source that previously existed (which is super useful for A/B comparison!). However, the the "Add to dashboard" option is used to add the graph to a dashboard, the graph only shows the current instance's data. Please make it so that when the graph is added to a dashboard, that the dashboard copy also shows the data for the previous data source instances, as this is what our users expect when they do this.
  5. In the graph configuration page, please dd option to set set the stroke width for line graphs. The current fixed stroke value is too thin when displaying graphs on big screens and viewing them from a distance. Ideally this this be an input value so we can set any value we want, but if these need to be predefined options, then 1px to 10px at least.
  6. When attempting to forecast data that could be consider periodic we find the builtin forecasting falls a bit short. It's great for linear data, but with cycles like the one in the screenshot below, the data isn't all that useful. Is there anything we could be doing differently to better forecast for this environment? The attached graph below totals active Citrix sessions, y axis scale - one thousand sessions.
  7. Please make display of graph legends more intelligent. If the number of items can be presented in a row because the widget is wide, then make the legend layout horizontal. A simple solution might be to offer a radio button choice for the legend layout (Vertical/Horizontal) in the graph configuration options.
  8. Please add the instance value to the graph images. This is more relevant than the DataSource name. See attached, I know it's file system but which drive or volume?
  9. As mentioned to Haniz in ticket number 82871, it would be very handy to have a button that can expand all the graphs for you on a device view. It would save quite a bit of time
  10. It would be very cool if you could toggle and make visible the historical alert types that where triggered by differentiating the graph backgrounds. See illustration
  11. Please add option to set custom colors for graphs. We would like to set colors in the form #RRGGBBAA (web styling format). We would like this so we can set the alpha channel. On some graph we want to have some areas faint and some more prominent.
  12. Please add LMConfig collection tasks to Task Queue graph, see attached. We experience config retrieval failures a lot but we are unable to see if this is due to queuing or too many other tasks at the same time.
  13. Hi! Is there a chance that in the near future alerts can go in an email along with a png or jpeg of the moment the alert was triggered? Nowadays we're only getting an external link, which is kind of a pain to check over a phone or something. Thanks! from Mercadolibre S.R.L.
  14. Hi, The forecasting option is a really nice feature of LM, however when trying to project when a disk will be out of capacity you cant have the actual size and the usage and forecast shown at the same time presently. It would be really useful to have both sets of data on one graph. Screenshots attached of usage and disk size. Thanks Mike
  15. We have a customer who is color blind and finds the defaults for the graph colors unusable. It would be nice if there was a way to configure them on a per-user basis.
  16. As we have implemented LogicMonitor we have worked to stabilize and tune alerts as well as to remediate real problems identified by alerts. To track this progress we wanted to graph the alerts overtime. We sort the alerts into several categories such as severity, group, device. To do this we have to create a detailed report, pull the data into Excel and create pivot tables and pivot charts. Create alert trend charts in LogicMonitor reports, directly, would be a valuable tool for teams working to drive down the alert counts. Attached is a simple graph we have created multiple times in Excel as an example. We have others. Thanks. Todd Kelley