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Found 3 results

  1. We use the Debug Console a lot, and usually to debug an issue on a particular device, which means more often than not, we access the Debug Console from the device in question's Raw Data view. We would like for there to be a token (##THIS## or ##DEVICE##) that could be used with Debug Console commands. So if we were to issue the command !ping ##THIS##, the console would automatically interpolate ##THIS## with the IP address of the device on which we opened the Debug Console. It's a small productivity gain, but when you're doing this a lot it makes a big difference.
  2. Add a couple of buttons to increase and decrease the font-size attribute value for the CSS selector #debug-result. An option to control the letter-spacing CSS attribute on the same selector would be good too. On high resolution (4K) screens it's difficult to read at default font-size: 13px. Yes, we can zoom the browser, but that also zooms other pages on the same domain.
  3. This could be a quick win. Please update the "help" command so that the help output has blank lines between each of the commands, to make it easier to see each command more clearly.