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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am curious to know how you deal with the DHCP subnet "DHCPSubnetPercentUsed" Datapoint alerts as by default they are set to : Warning 70% - Error 80% - Critical 90% Our DHCP subnets environment is usually set to be full per subnet so meaning we are constantly alerted it is over the threshold. All IPs within a DHCP subnet are available for any desktops to be used... Also DHCP is also set to be used per group of subnets so the usage of a particular subnet inside the group could be always full when another will be 50% used only... Any recommendations? Disable the alerts? Thanks, Dom
  2. Hi, Maybe the community are intressted in using collectors as stand-alone outside a domain (in a workgroup).. We are and have ran into all possible effects of it... one thing is to monitor Windows DHCP Servers that ar joined to a domain. THen you need to authenticate against some classes to discover and to get metrics. Had some chat sessions with the LM support and they got me closer to the solution.. But I solved it finally using credentials to discover and inventory the DHCP server and Scopes with powershell using domain credentials on my collector in a workgroup Here they Are Microsoft DHCP Scopes: 6R7ZKC Microsoft DHCP Server: Z2JTFN Enjoy!!
  3. Put together a datasource that will report/alert on specific DHCP Scopes percent in use LM Exchange: HMT9K4