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Found 5 results

  1. I have a device group that has the same datasource applied. This datasource auto-discovers and will spin up matching instances across all devices in the group. I would like to have clustered alerts based on the matched instances across all devices in the group. For example, (pardon the ASCII-like visualization) ClusterGroup |__ Device1 | |__ DatasourceA | |_ Instance_ABC | |_ Datapoint_I | |_ Datapoint_II | |_ Instance_DEF | |_ Datapoint_I | |_ Datapoint_II | |_ Instance_GHI |
  2. Anyone know why my Cluster Monitoring isn't working as expected. I've got two SQL Servers in failover cluster mode, I want to alert only when the SQL Services are not running on both. I've tried it with both "Device", "Datasource Instance" So I think I've set this up to say when there is more than one critical alert on the data source "State", make a critical alert, but I've obviously done something wrong
  3. It would be immensely helpful if I could see and test alert routing from the Cluster Alerts page at the device group level similar to the existing Alert Routing button on the Alert Tuning tab. As we begin to more heavily utilize this functionality, it's critical that we can verify that alerts are routed correctly wherever we set it up.
  4. Hello, we would love the ability to have the cluster alert give us a list of instance names that have triggered the cluster alert. Another is filtering based off of an instance name. Example, let's say I have 3 devices that all have 3 instances named something like Device1 --- Device2 --- Device3 a1-dns1.blah d1-dns1.blah g2-dns1.blah b6-dns2.blah e2-dns2.blah h1-dns2.blah c1-dns3.blah f1-dns3.blah i2-dns3.blah While you can see all the instances are a different name, the last part of the name is still common with some of the others (dns1.blah, dns2.blah, dns3
  5. I'm coming around to love clustered alerts as more of my company moves to dynamic environments. But I really need to be able to customize the email alert messaging for clustered alerts. So I would like to see two things: 1. The ability to set a custom alert message per clustered alert 2. The ability to assign properties to clustered alerts so that they can be referenced in the alert message via ##TOKENS##.