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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there, I'm sharing my datasources for CUCM that use the Serviceability APIs using PowerShell and SOAP (I'm a powershell scripter, still haven't gotten the time to fully understand groovy). I'll expand on this post as I get further down adding additional datasources from the Serviceability APIs. All of these require a cucm.user and cucm.pass entered on the devices that are the call manager servers. Cisco CUCM Device Status- DXZRTZ - Reports the following datapoints for all devices registered to CUCM - StatusReason, IsRegistered, IsNotRegistered, NumOfLines, RegistrationAttempts - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/realtimeservice2/services/RISService70?wsdl - Needs to have servicability features turned on (you can check just by going to this URL) Cisco CUCM Service Status- 3LNYR9 - Reports the service status of all services running for CUCM servers - https://$($hostname):8443/controlcenterservice2/services/ControlCenterServices?wsdl Cisco CUCM Statistics ZN494P - Reports about 100 datapoints from CUCM's PerfMon "Cisco CallManager" object - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/perfmonservice2/services/PerfmonService?wsdl