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  1. Is there any way to use the AWS Unified CloudWatch Agent and Cloudwatch Logs load EC2 metrics into LogicMonitor similar to what is pulled from the LogicMonitor collector? A little background. We currently use two LogicMonitor collectors to gather Windows metrics from AWS EC2 instances and physical and virtual servers in our on-prem datacenter. This has worked well for the 100 Windows servers and network devices we are monitoring. We are moving all of our on-prem Windows applications to AWS, which requires we change the way we use AWS. Take a look at AWS Control Tower for more details Instead of one AWS account and one VPC ( network ) , we are moving every application and environment ( PROD, UAT, DEV, STAGE ) into different AWS account. No shared networking, so VPC peering or using a TGW isn't an option. This will result in about 20 new AWS accounts and up to 100 by the end of the year. Each of these accounts will have 2 to 20 EC2 Windows instances for web/application along with one EC2 or RDS based Microsoft SQL Server instance. I have no desire to pay for EC2 Windows instances for every account ( possibly hundreds ) just to run the LogicMonitor collector. The most important Windows server monitoring features we rely on in LogicMonitor boil down to - server is down ( ping loss ) - low disk space - high CPU utilization - the ability to alert on Windows Event log entries - Windows service X is not running Then tack on monitoring of an EC2 and RDS Microsoft SQL Server performance data Does LogicMonitor have any recommendations or examples on this type of configuration? Thanks in advance, Kevin Foley