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Found 100 results

  1. The device tree search input control only invokes the search logic after a keystroke, it should also invoke search logic when text is pasted into the input control. This would save a keystroke.
  2. When only the "unit" or "label" is configured on the Big Number widget, the hyphen should not be displayed. The hyphen should only be visible if both unit and label are present.
  3. We have hundreds, possibly even thousands, of web enabled micro services. Creating web service checks for these often means cloning an existing one and changing a small part of the URL or query string, and so we use the Clone function a lot. Currently the Clone option is inside the Manage dialog, so it's two mouse clicks away. We would like to see Clone brought to the main view, so that it's only one mouse click away:
  4. Please make it possible to assign our own labels to the column headings. For example, as an ITIL organization we do not use "Device/Service", we want to use "CI/Business Service".
  5. Please add option to hide/show the duration element of the Began column. For some dashbaord we would like to show only the time stamp which occupies less space, and does not cause wrapping.
  6. Please add the ability to set a default color schema for widgets. This will save much scrolling and mouse clicking when configuring dashboards.
  7. Please make the Big Number widget navigable so that if clicked/tapped then the user is taken to the element that is providing the metric for the big number.
  8. Please, please, please make the alert filter GLOB expression input field wider, much wider. It's very frustrating not being able to see the entire expression as you type. It would also be great if the GLOB mattcher results did not cover over the existing GLOB expressions so we can see which ones we have already added.
  9. Please make it easier to read the display name and IP address by adding a space before the left parens (see attached).
  10. Please document which properties of alerts are searched by the Search function of the alerts view. We sometimes see results for search strings that we cannot explain why they are included in the search results. For example, if I search for "WMI" I get alerts that do not contain "WMI" anywhere that I can see. Perhaps the a list of the properties that contain the search string could be displayed in the UI as a tooltip to the search string input textbox.
  11. Please make the "Alerts in last 7 days" and "Alerts in last 30 days" UI elements into action elements, see attached.
  12. The Alert History time period reverts back to 24 Hours on refresh, please make it retain the selected time period. It's very annoying when you're doing analysis.
  13. The maps widget is practically useless to us. It's very difficult to see the map pins. PLEASE add support for Google Map Style JSONs.
  14. Please make display of graph legends more intelligent. If the number of items can be presented in a row because the widget is wide, then make the legend layout horizontal. A simple solution might be to offer a radio button choice for the legend layout (Vertical/Horizontal) in the graph configuration options.
  15. Mosh

    Graph PNGs

    Please add the instance value to the graph images. This is more relevant than the DataSource name. See attached, I know it's file system but which drive or volume?
  16. The Add a new chain > Add new recipients dialog seems to suggest that only users can be added, but in fact allows groups also. Please enhance the UI captions to make clear if one or both is possible. It's confusing to my users and generates unnecessary tickets.
  17. Please add option to filter severities on the Map Widget. We only want to show amber (P2) or red (P1) on our maps.
  18. Mosh

    Add New Group

    Please make it so that the Add New Group dialog inherits the default collector from the parent group if the parent group has a default collector set. We add groups all the time, so this would save us two or three mouse clicks each time.
  19. Please make it so that items in the Group column of the alert widget are each placed on a new row, just as the Full Path column does already. This would make it much easier to read the items.
  20. The Add User page flags an email address as invalid if there is a trailing space. This can easily happen when users copy and paste emails addresses, for example, from a service request ticket. Copying from web pages often results in a space being added to the front or the end of the text selection. Please enhance the validation code so that it simply trims spaces from the start and end. This might seem like a small enhancement, but when you're a large organization and creating batches of accounts, it can be frustrating.
  21. We have devices that need to be members of multiple groups to keep our notifications simple. Currently, in the alert widget, all group memberships are shown in the Group column. We would like to be able to select which groups should be visible in the Group column. Usually it's the main business service group, and not the technical groups used only for alert rules. Also, we would like the groups in the Group column to be alphabetically sorted. Order seems random at the moment. Readability would be improved also if each group in the Group column was on a new line.
  22. Mosh

    Chart Title Font

    Please make the chart title font in the Graphs view smaller so that more of the title is visible. Alternatively, have an option to enable/disable prefixing the chart titles with the instance name.
  23. Mosh

    Debug Console UI

    This could be a quick win. Please update the "help" command so that the help output has blank lines between each of the commands, to make it easier to see each command more clearly.
  24. There does not appear to be any way to see which recipient groups a user is a participant of in the UI. Please add a section to each user's details that shows which recipient groups the user participates in. This will improve our productivity; so when a user asks to stop receiving notifications we don't have to look through lots of recipient groups. Alternatively, add a search option to the recipient groups UI that will enable us to find recipient groups by user's name.
  25. Currently, users need Manage rights to access the Config view. We need our junior sys admins to be able to view configurations without having the Manage rights. Please add a View only right for Config. The View Config right should only allow viewing of already collected configurations, but not permit Collect Now.