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Found 100 results

  1. Please make it so that after adding a device using the Add Device (Expert) option, the focus remain on the group object, and does not switch to the device just added. Perhaps this can be a configurable option per user, or globally if not per user? We often have to add devices in small batches manually and it would be faster if the focus remained on the group object.
  2. Please improve the algorithm that determines if the labels should wrap or not. In the attached image, there is plenty of space available for Philadelphia to not be wrapped.
  3. Please make it so that the Alert Tuning tab is not visible unless the user has manage device rights.
  4. I will explain the request here as best I can in a written format but a visual would be simple. By example of FortiGate: We had a requirement to monitor the WAPs (the FortiGate can act as a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) ) for reporting and performance. Depending upon the size of the firewall 1 through N WAPs can be authorized, configured, and monitored. These devices are visible through SNMP queries against the firewall and offer a rich set of information (CPU, memory, version, SN, model, client associations). Now to the feature - when we added the capabilities it became time consuming to first identify the OID and then repeatedly poll to pin down the elements. So, how about a "button" in the UI next to the OID to walk or poll and display the results? Additionally, how about offering the results and on that page an option to add them in this datasource? Look at the Forti AP definition for what we did and try to visualize the simplicity of having the UI trigger a poll on a device (through the associated collector) to make this a breeze.
  5. Please add an option to test RegEx filters in Data and Event sources. This could work like the "Test Script" option where we select a device from any in scope of the Applies To expression.
  6. Please make it so that the device tree search function also searches in the system.sysname attribute.
  7. DanAvni

    Alerts list scroll bars

    Looking on the alerts list in my account, the scroll bars are visible but in order to view them I have to scroll down. Try determining the escalation chain (right most column) on the 3rd row. You will have to scroll down to see the horizontal scroll bar which moves the 3rd line out of screen. Then after you scroll right you scroll back up and then you don’t see the name as it moved out of the screen (1st column). The scroll bars (and column headers) should be always visible allowing me to scroll without losing my flow of thought
  8. Mosh

    Widget Legends

    Please add a configurable option that forces the legend to be always displayed.
  9. Mosh

    Reports UI

    Please make the Name and Description columns wider. The Generated and Report Type columns do not need to be so wide.
  10. Please add the same search functionality to Recipient Groups user interface as is available for Alert Rules and Escalation Chains. Being a large global organization we have a lot of Recipient Groups, and growing all the time.
  11. I think that this request dove tails with the request to ACL announcements to a role but can stand alone. I would like to have service announcements logged in a central location rather than just having the UI popup banner. Something like Settings --> Account Information --> Platform Messages This way as an MSP if I need to send any information to the user base when the information does relate to them there is the ability pull from an authoritative source. It will also be extremely helpful when you look at the pop up banner and say to yourself that you need to write that information down and then never do and can't recall it when you need it. (Not that I have ever done that. Heard it from a friend)
  12. Please add a test function for JDBC active discovery and colelction, just as you have done for scriped DataSources.
  13. We think there needs to be another level of privileges between Acknowledge and Manage. We would like to be able to give our operators the ability to toggle the Alerting On/Off slider option without giving them Manage rights. Also, we'd like to give them the ability to perform Poll Now without giving them Manage rights.
  14. Please make it possible for users with Manage rights on a device to be able to use the Poll Now function.
  15. The Map Widget currently only displays map pins for devices (if I'm not mistaken). We would like the option to show device GROUPS instead. For example, given the device group structure shown in the attached image, we want to see ONLY pins for the devices groups Dubai and London. Under each device group we might have devices or further device group hierarchies, the severity of the map pin should be that of the device group. (I've tried adding the 'location' property to the device groups, but the map widget doesn't show a pins for the groups.) We'd like to choose a starting group in the device tree, the map widget should then place a pin on the map for any child group with the 'location' property set.
  16. Hi, I want to link directly to a device in LogicMonitor from the CI page in our ServiceNow platform. I can use the API to get the device ID, but how I do construct the URL that we typically see when using the LogicMonitor UI? For example:
  17. Please add an option in the NOC widget configuration to hide/show the icon for each block. We don't need the icon, and would much rather have the space for the block label so that labels are not cut off. (Ideally we'd prefer to choose font and point size for labels too.)
  18. Please make it so that we can choose between the user's first + last name in the acknowledged column of their username. We use email addresses as user names which means this column ends up quite wide.
  19. Please add number formatting for Big Number widget. We need thousand and million commas for readability. 12345 should be 12,345 1234567 should be 1,234,567 And so on.
  20. Please add an option to delete all defined DataPoints in a DataSource module in. At the moment when we clone a DS we have to remove DataPoints one by one which is very time consuming (3 mouse clicks per delete!).
  21. Please fix the help tips. All the help tips in the new device group dialog are incorrect. See attached example.
  22. Please, please, please fix it so that when editing the Device Group field of a NOC widget item, the values in the other fields are not wiped out immediately. It's incredibly frustrating! Sure, the values might be subsequently wrong, but at least allow us the option to amend without having to re input it all again. 9 out of 10 times the other values do not change for me.
  23. In the graph configuration page, please dd option to set set the stroke width for line graphs. The current fixed stroke value is too thin when displaying graphs on big screens and viewing them from a distance. Ideally this this be an input value so we can set any value we want, but if these need to be predefined options, then 1px to 10px at least.
  24. In the Alert view page, please make the Alert Rule column a hyperlink. The links should navigate to the Alert Rule definition in Settings. This would save us having to click to the Settings views, then click again on the Alert Rules option.
  25. Please add a "Reveal" option for secret properties such as passwords and community strings. This feature should be only available to admin role. The UI control to reveal should only appear if user has admin role.