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Found 99 results

  1. Please add option to hide the Disabled Datasources object in the Resources tree from users who do not have Manage or higher privileges.
  2. Please make the "go here" link in the "For more detailed troubleshooting recommendations, go here." message open in a new tab/window. If you accidentally click this it open in same window and we lose our command history! Add the debug help that appears on entering a debug console to the regular help content (if it's there I didn't find it) so that we can open the help panel and have the commands easily accessible from the Support Guide panel. The HTML version should be easier to read too. Finally, please add some blank lines between the built-in commands help to make it easier to read the green on black screen. HTML version in the Support Guide panel though, that's the way to go.
  3. Please make it possible to specify a static DataPoint text in an EventSource definition. We use DataPoint labels with our process automation tools to route alerts. The below is not useful (and also looks kinda ugly in the alert widget display).
  4. Rather than have Websites as separate section in the product with a separate hierarchy to manage; how about making all of the Websites stuff part of the Device Tree and rename the Devices section to something that covers both. Then if I want to add a website or service check I simply do it against the "group". This way I wouldn't have to maintain two hierarchies of business services. What do other folks think of this?
  5. Please ad an option in Alert widget config to make the Value column sortable. I realise that the value column can be a mix of numbers and text when the alerts could come from DataSources and EventSources, however, we have cases where we know the values will always be numbers and would like to sort them, and toggle sorting between ascending and descending. Use case, alerts for days since last patched, where our users would like to sort the value from high to low.
  6. When the NOC widget has more items than can be displayed we get a horizontal scroll bar. I don't how others feel about this, but I find it annoying as I can't use the mouse wheel to scroll through the widget's contents. Please add an option in the widget config to choose between vertical overflow and horizontal overflow.
  7. Add a couple of buttons to increase and decrease the font-size attribute value for the CSS selector #debug-result. An option to control the letter-spacing CSS attribute on the same selector would be good too. On high resolution (4K) screens it's difficult to read at default font-size: 13px. Yes, we can zoom the browser, but that also zooms other pages on the same domain.
  8. Please, please add a search feature to the Recipient Groups view. It's so infuriating that this one view doesn't have a search option.
  9. Please add the name of the collector to the debug console screen. The ID in the URL is not very user friendly.
  10. With v108 we have the timezone per user functionality. To make it easier to administer users, please add a timezone column to the listview of users in Users & Roles.
  11. Please make the number items on the Big Number widget hyperlinks to the instances from which the datapoints are configured in the widget. This would save having to go into the widget config to check where the value is coming from. Our operators instinctively expect to be able to click the item and be navigated to the source of the datapoint.
  12. Please move the Manage gear icon to the left of the Users list view to be consistent with rest of UI. It also irritates and confuses our users when the icon is hidden when the list view overflows (due to items where the Roles column has mutiple items), because it's on the right hand side.
  13. Please add the option to alert on "no data" condition to the instance level Alert Tuning configuration dialog. We don't want to generate "no data" alerts for everything and we don't want to split the data sources (extra maintenance when updating), so it would be easier to have this as a instance level override.
  14. Please add an option to hide the Recently Deleted view from user with less than manage rights.
  15. There seems to be no way to apply the same alert note on multiple alerts using the UI. For example, if multiple interfaces are down for a device, we want to be able to set the same alert note in one go. It's only possible to do so at the moment if the alerts are not ack'ed, but we need to be able to update the notes at a later stage even after they have been ack'ed.
  16. The Monaco Editor powers VS Code, would be awesome if all the script fields could use this.
  17. Please apply a mono space font to the Query field when the data source is using JDBC. This would hugely improve readability and editing of the SQL.
  18. At the moment the Show Boundaries option on a graph widget turns on or off the boundaries for all graphs on a dashboard. We would like to configure per widget so that only those graphs where the boundaries make sense are visible.
  19. Please make it possible to have devices with the same name. We have devices that have the same name but are deployed in different data centres and with different IP addresses. At the very least it should be possible to have duplicate device names if the devices are in different device group paths. Based on how LM works currently, we are forced to add suffixes to device names which then doesn't match what we have in our CMDB.
  20. Please hide the Debug button from users who do not have device Manage rights.
  21. Currently if I wanted to send some comms to all of my LM users, I have to gather all of their emails and do it from my own email client. It would be really useful to have a feature where I can message all my LM users from within LM. As part of our GDPR efforts we need to review each user's data and periodically remind them that they still have an account. It would also help with access governance.
  22. Please make it possible to update/apply the same alert notes to multiple alerts in a single operations. This is possible when alerts are new and unacknowledged. But I cannot see how it is possible once the alerts have been acknowledged.
  23. Please make it so that web service checkpoints can be configured on the web service group, and are then inherited by all the web service checks in the group. This would mean much lower effort to update web service checks - only one object to be updated rather than tens or hundreds.
  24. We have more than one version of the same datasource, to be able to support the needs of different teams, and we need to keep the Display As the same for these datasource. In the Alert Tuning view at device group level, it's difficult to tell which datasource is which. Please add the DataSource description to the Alert Tuning table at device group level.
  25. Please make it so that after adding a device using the Add Device (Expert) option, the focus remain on the group object, and does not switch to the device just added. Perhaps this can be a configurable option per user, or globally if not per user? We often have to add devices in small batches manually and it would be faster if the focus remained on the group object.