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Found 3 results

  1. The SLA report does not have an option to include information about SDT if the event is in the past. Since reports are often developed to look at sla information post-event it's imperative that report columns be added that reflect historical SDT info as well. I recommend not just including the sdted field to indicate whether or not the alert began in a SDT window, but to instead add a new field/column for % in SDT or SDT Duration that provides an indicator as to how much of that alert's period was happening in a SDT window. Example: Planned maintenance window is 2-4. IT change
  2. Hello! My challenge is how to calculate proper SLA time (in minutes) during the last calendar month. Currently the Threshold must be set manually. The problem is that many months have different amount of minutes so single value might not give 100% correct result. Having dynamic thresholds would be much better option. Thank you!
  3. Could somebody explain how is SLA calculated for internal service checks? I read this but it didn't seems to apply to the report I created. I have an internal service check scheduled to do stat test every minute. There were 4 network errors (status = 8) within the last 24 hours. I created a report using SLA widget to report 24 hours SLA and it showed 100% during the past 24 hours. If it's calculated to the seconds, the calculation would be: (24(hr) x 60(min) x 60 (sec) -4 (errors))/(24(hr) x 60(min) x 60 (sec)) x 100% = 100.00%, which seems to match. So, to confirm, I changed the report