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Found 29 results

  1. Our reporting team is being raked over the coals (and dragging me along with them) because they are unable to reliably and easily pull Services availability when Services are ticking downtime when they are in SDT. A similar option to Calculate no data as Available where the "Website Service Overview"report can "Calculate SDT as Available" would be VERY appreciated.
  2. I would like to know if it is possible to add an SDT to a health check nested under another health check in LogicMonitor. How can I find out the host id of one of the healthchecks so that I can add an SDT using a web URL like,<host_id_here>&id=0&type=1&year=2016&month=5&day=3&hour=6&minute=30&endYear=2016&endMonth=5&endDay=3&endHour=6&endMinute=45
  3. I would like to propose that there be an additional column added to both the Devices and Services user permission selection to allow a user role to manage Scheduled Downtime. Our organization would like to allow application owners to manage their own SDTs without giving said group management rights to those devices or services in the logic monitor console.
  4. We've created a lot of custom groups to put certain types of eventsources and datasources that are all related into one area (e.g. Customized Logs). However, we cannot set a SDT for the entire group, but instead, we have to put it on each individual device. This severely limits the capabilities and usefuleness of creating datasource groups. It would be extremely helpful to allow the capability of SDT at the group level.