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  1. I was looking to create a dashboard gauge widget for memory used in a cluster. But to do this I need to have multiple datapoints and virtual datapoints (so that I can create a used memory expression using ActiveReal, TotalReal, and Cached) and also so that I could use the sum on TotalReal for the max of the gauge (so that it can automatically grow as my cluster does). I would expect this to work more similar to how the pie chart widget does now (allowing multiple datasources) but maybe only allowing 1 graph item.
  2. Hello, I'm looking to have an option to send dashboard reports only on weekdays. Less clutter for emails I don't need/read on the weekend. Thanks! Jake
  3. Willing to create a single dashboard which would show the utilisation of multiple routers. The widgets for each router shall be grouped under the routers host name as a group The widgets could be CPU , memory, status like up/down/shutdown and so on
  4. It would be very cool if you could toggle and make visible the historical alert types that where triggered by differentiating the graph backgrounds. See illustration
  5. Dashboards are a fantastic feature, but the way the widgets and data source graphs snap is a huge inconvenience. Everything shifts up/down, nothing shifts left/right. If I make a grid of widgets that runs left-to-right (say each row is a server), it makes adding a new server to the bottom very simple. It (however) makes adding a new metric column a HUGE pain in the butt. If I want to add a new column to the left (for each server - like a new metric), I have to move EVERY.SINGLE.GRAPH in the whole dashboard to make it all line up... I think a FAR better approach would be to have the dashboard grid simulate the face of a smartphone. If I move a widget above another, it should shift down (like it does). If I move it to the left, it should shift right, not down! This would make designing an organized dashboard SO much easier (I've literally spent hours just adding a single metric across all our dashboards because of this stunting behavior). P.S. - also consider giving the ability to bucketize groups of graphs. Giving me a colored backdrop to put behind all my CPU metrics or all of my metrics regarding ServerX would be a nice visual aesthetic.
  6. We break out our dashboards by our environment. SQL Prod, SQL Stage, SQL Test, and so on... We can have a single report with one dashboard report attached to it. What would be nice, is if I could have one email with the links to the different dashboards. Thank you! Jake
  7. It would be good to be able to combine device and service alert status on the same Google Map Widget. Use case: Offices are distributed around Europe, and a large number of retail stores (100+) are also being monitored using ICMP Services. By having both on the same map, it is possible to visualise the entire European operations.
  8. Hello, we are using large screen TVs (55inch) to dsiplay the monitoring dashboards for our global company. we would like to see the ability to have one static dashboard diplayed for our Region on one half of the screen and then have the other dashbaords for the other regions we are monitoring cycling through using a slideshow at set intervals. Also, we have found that after three days the dashboard slideshow on the TV currently times out and needs to be restarted. Thank you for your consideration on possibly adding these Dashboard features .
  9. REQUEST: Please add the ability to create a custom graph with BOTH discrete instances (Top 10 or Show All) AND Aggregate entries in the same graph. USE CASE: We monitor very large NetApp aggregates and we need the ability to see IOPs and latency monitoring (which are only available at the volume level, which I can tie back to an aggregate). I want/need to be able to view both the aggregate-sum and the (top-10 or Show All) instances to determine relative impact of those instances on the overall performance of the aggregate and I have too many to aggregates to manage to be able to create 2 custom graphs for each..
  10. I would like the option to assign view/manage role access to dashboards that exist within a dashboard group. We use wall mounted displays that cycle dashboards in a group for various clients using the slideshow feature. These displays are used by our support team so that they can keep an eye on clients at a high-level. We also want to provide a key contact at some of these client companies with view access to their respective dashboards. I see two ways to accomplish this currently: 1. We can clone the dashboard within the client dashboard group, then assign our client contact view access to the cloned dashboard. This allows us to keep the functionality of the dashboard group for our support team, but requires several duplicate dashboards. 2. We can skip the dashboard group and assign access for our support team and client contacts on a per-dashboard basis. This omits duplicate dashboards, but requires additional management of role permissions when creating new dashboards. Adding the ability to assign role permissions to nested dashboards would allow for simple access management for the support team, providing access to all dashboards within the "Clients" group, while also allowing one-off access to individual dashboards for client contacts without having to manage multiple dashboards per client. A simple toggle arrow (as is used in the Devices tree) could be implemented as a UI element to add this basic access management.
  11. File this in the "nice to have" bucket. I would like to keep my dashboard-only customers in front of LM as much as possible. Today, Reports can be viewed from running the report inside the Reports tab, or scheduled/emailed out. How about adding a widget that could access a selected report, formatted for HTML. This provides a single place to review most recent, and past report-runs without leaving the dashboard, and allows users to correlate Report output with other information shown on the dashboard. Today we can use the URL from an HTML Report, and stuff it into the HTML Widget. Managing this manually is difficult since new runs of the report will have a unique URL, so the HTML widget would then need to be updated with the current HTML Report URL. I tried to do this myself using LM RPC/REST but cannot find any API calls to access the Reports. Thoughts?
  12. The Advanced Custom Graph widget does not allow using virtual datapoints from multiple hosts (I'm told by LM Support [Case #52104] I need to use a Simple Custom Graph). I ran into this trying to create a Bandwidth graph, which aggregated InOctets & OutOctets datapoints from multiple hosts. It feels backwards to go from the "Advanced" Custom Graph widget to the "Simple" Custom Graph widget to perform multi-host aggregate virtual dataPoints (ie: virtual_InOctets = host1_InOctets + host2_InOctets + host3_InOctets etc..). Please include support for multi-host virtual datapoint expressions.