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Found 37 results

  1. It would be very useful to know the polling interval for doing expressions. In my case, I wanted a chart that displayed the actual value of a counter (delta between two samples) and not the average per second of that counter. I was able to get the number I wanted by hard-coding an expression with the myCounter*60 (my polling interval), but if I change that interval, I have to fix my chart. An expression like myCounter*pollingInterval would be awesome (and presumably easy to expose).
  2. The Nimble Array Info datasource has all of the data needed to make this datapoint available for alerts. Need to combine the SnapshotUsage datapoint with TotalVolumeUsage, and then compare that to TotalCapacity to get an accurate picture of how much storage is available on the array. I have been bitten twice with running above 90% utilized twice now, so it would be nice to be able to alert on that data.
  3. The alerts on the side bar are very helpful when not viewing an alert dashboard or widget. But since it is an alert area, any acknowledged alerts should fall off of the side bar, otherwise it just becomes an annoyance. I can add a filter to the alert display such that it only shows alerts that have not been acknowledged, but this filter is not used on the side panel. I discussed this issue with the LogicMonitor support team and they confirmed there currently isn't a way to do what I am requesting.
  4. Hi, The netflow report on instances is great but even though I spend the time naming the details of the sources, destinations and port's in the traffic tab, the report only shows IP addresses and port numbers which is unhelpful. Having the naming transferred to the report would be very beneficial. Thanks.
  5. Modify your outgoing webhooks so that you can either: 1. Customize the ALERTSTATUS so that different terms can be used for when an alert goes up and down. 2. Allow different webhooks to be used for triggering and resolving alerts.
  6. We have a situation where there is a datapoint every few hours. We would like to know when an update has not happened. A simple way would be for the source to supply the time of last update and for LogicMonitor to be able to alert on (current time - time of last update) > alert level.
  7. Hello, I\'d like to suggest giving the ability or LM add in the OID . so we can see what the configured host name is on a device. Right now I\'m running the following command on the collector to obtain this information. !snmpwalk version=2c community= . Thank you, Greg
  8. Would like the option to SDT specific datasources by group. For instance, our IT staff generally operate our VMs as lean as possible. However, when backups run at night, we tax the CPU pretty hard. Being able to SDT in one place for the CPU datasource for all servers in the backup group for 2-3 hours per night would be awesome. Currently, they have to set SDT on over 50 hosts individually, and if the backup window changes, they have to adjust all 50 of those manually again.
  9. Travis from heartland would like the ability to have wide graphs on dashboards be two columns. He says monitors now a days are wide enough to support it.
  10. Here is a minor cosmetic request. When setting up a widget dashboard I may have 4 or 10 widgets I want to display, each of varying width. I know that I can position these as I wish, but I would like more control. I may want certain widgets displayed at the top, others in the middle, etc. These widgets may be of different width. Example NOC vs Alerts. Example: Display NOC widgets side by side ( as many as I specify ) , then display the alerts underneath in full width. Here is some pseudo code for a table layout , similar logic could be used for div\'s Widget 1Widget 2Widget 3 Widget 4 Widget 5Widget 6Thanks, Kevin Widget 1Widget 2Widget 3 Widget 4 Widget 5Widget 6Widget 7
  11. For reports adding what group is included in the \'\'alert\'\' report would be really helpful. We have our hosts organized by different service zones and being able to look at the type of alert by service zone would be really valuable. Right now I can trend total alerts by group, but it doesn\'t look like I can add \'\'group\'\' as a column on the alert report. I\'m working with David Lee to validate but it doesn\'t look like it\'s going to work.
  12. Originally sent as a support request. It was then suggested that it be brought up in this forum instead, so here I am. Customer I am doing work with now has EMC VNX and VNXe deployments and it would be awesome if we could get some insight as to what is going on with these storage appliances.