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  1. @Sarah Terry Just tested your script. It worked, however it seems the difference is how the two programming languages (Mine being Salesforces Apex) encodes the URL. Python seems to automatically encode the URL, on send the '>' is converted to '%3E' which makes sense. Apex does not automatically do this. When I replaced the '>' with '%3E' in my code, it worked. That might be the issue @Mosh is having as well. Might be worth noting the encoded URL characters in the filter sections of the knowledge articles... Thank you for your help!
  2. @Sarah Terry>1504905976 is the exact URL/URI that I use when making a call (Which returns 400 - Bad Request) The request is successful (200 - OK) when I simply change the filter from '>' to '!~' for example.!~1504905976
  3. Hello! We are trying to filter results based on the "updatedOn" property using the ">" operator. However, the request status will always return a 400 - Bad Request. We have used other operators that are successful, such as "!~" Example of a successful call (200 - OK):!~1504905976 Example of a unsuccessful call (400 - Bad Request):>1504905976 Am I doing anything wrong? Is this filter possible?