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  1. Hi, I'd like to propose a safeguard to prevent monitoring from accidentally being disabled at the top level. If you want to disable a single instance of a datasource or delete a single device from monitoring, it prompts you to confirm you want to take this action. Yet monitoring can be disabled for ALL devices without any sanity check. A simple "Are you sure you disable monitoring at the global level?" popup would suffice. Something to prevent accidents. This has happened twice in our environment. Disabling/re-enabling monitoring clears all active alerts (many that have been already escalated to support), and 5 minutes later all those generate new alerts. It floods the members of our NOC with literally hundreds of duplicate alerts, and takes hours to sort through them. Thanks, James
  2. I'm also wondering if there is an update on this. A lock/unlock button, or safeguard prompt is absolutely needed. We've had folders accidentally moved on several occasions, and fortunately it hasn't resulted in a major issue. However, anything to mitigate the risk is welcomed.