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  1. I've used other monitoring platforms in the past that pulled and updated these tables from network devices. This is useful data to be able to see on the fly especially if they are sort-able/searchable fields. Examples of this are seen in Meraki cloud portal where at the click of a button you can pull arp tables from devices. This functionality can help with many tasks like, tracing network connections, finding hosts in a network, etc.
  2. Worked with David over Chat Support and he was able to create custom configsources(show run, and sho version) for our NetVanta switches. David was able to script exactly what we needed and in very little time. Thanks again for your help David!
  3. I am looking to find out if anyone has a configsource for Netvanta switches. We have over a dozen of these switches that we need to backup configurations for. At this point it looks like LogicMonitor does not have any supported configsource.