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  1. Does anyone know how to use Google Analytics as a data source? I would like to have graphs and alerts of page response times in LogicMonitor.
  2. I'm trying to check an ASP.NET website that is authenticated via ADFS. The website redirects to ADFS to authenticate the user. Once ADFS authenticates the user it uses a webpage with some JavaScript to redirect the user back to the original website with the appropriate auth tokens. <script language="javascript"> window.setTimeout('document.forms[0].submit()', 0); </script> It appears the Internal Service Check does not execute this script to submit the form and redirect back to the website. It there anyway to make this work?
  3. We do have a custom PS datasource. Does LogicMonitor keep any logs of the metric runs where I might find more info about the underlying error?
  4. We are seeing a sporadic (every couple days) error where the Window Remote Management service (svchost.exe_WinRM) dies along with several other services (DNS Client, Workstation, etc). This causes our App Pool Memory Usage graph to stop logging data until we re-enable the WinRM service. Here are the details from the error in the Event Viewer: Seconds before this happens our LogicMonitor service account has Event Log entries for the registry and file system. Has anyone else seen this error in conjunction with LogicMonitor?