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  1. integration data transformation via Groovy

    Hey Mark, For the PagerDuty situation and their V2 of the API we are aware of this and working with PagerDuty on some updates to our Integration. I hear you on the on the bigger picture item though and will enter a feedback ticket in our system to track the request. ~Forrest
  2. Add device to Collector with least devices in rest api

    Hi Paul, We are actively working on an enhancement to LogicMonitor to support Load Balanced Collectors. One of the key features is that when adding a device you can pick a Collector Group instead of an individual collector. More to come in the next month or two! ~Forrest
  3. Snapshot 'Age'

    Hi Will, For #2, on the latest version of that datasource there is a field for snapshot_age_hours, which, by default doesn't have an alert threshold but if applied could alert if a particular snapshot is over a certain age. #1 is a bit more tricky since it would require an aggregate measure across multiple instances. It could be done with a scripted datasource but but the good news is we are working on an upcoming feature that will be a much better way to solve this. More to come when we are ready to release. ~Forrest
  4. Radical Suggestion for Web Sites

    Hi Mosh, Not quite as radical as you think!! We've considered this in the past and the workflow and UI/UX benefits are definitely there. We are working on 2019 roadmap planning and it's on the list to be discussed. ~Forrest
  5. Log Streaming Feature Request

    Hi Horace, At this time LogicMonitor supports EventSources to alert on your log entries, but sounds like you are looking for something more in depth. I've sent you a direct message to try and connect and discuss further. ~Forrest
  6. integration association restriction

    Hi Mark, We are actively discussing options and ideas around this internally and hope to address it in the next calendar year. ~Forrest
  7. Add Mutiple data points at a time....not one by one

    I've seen customers export the datasource XML file and programmatically generate the <datapoint> node for all the new data points you want to add. You can then import the updated XML file and the datasource is updated with all the new data points. ~Forrest
  8. Allow Automated Reports to Generate Regardless of User

    Hi Anthony, I've submitted a ticket to look into this for you. ~Forrest
  9. SDT EventSources

    I'll enter a ticket and get this looked at.
  10. Prevent Alert Widget Data Refresh During Column Resize

    Hey @Mosh. This will be fixed in the upcoming v110 release.
  11. Ability to stream StatsD like stats/metrics to LM

    The LogicMonitor Product team is actively looking for feedback from customers on this. If you are interested in talking with a Product Manager about your use cases for StatsD or any other Push Metric needs please reply here and we can setup a time to talk. ~Forrest
  12. Dashboard local times

    For everyone following this thread, User Based Timezones was released with version 108. You can read more about it here: ~Forrest
  13. Timezone per user account

    For everyone following this thread, User Based Timezones was released with version 108. You can read more about it here: ~Forrest
  14. Add timezone column listview in Users view

    Hey Mosh, Good idea. I've added a ticket to track your request. Don't forget that the feedback submission from inside your LM portal comes straight to the Product team as a ticket too! ~Forrest
  15. Ability to apply retroative SDT-like windows to adjust SLA numbers

    Hey All, We have had the request for retroactive SDT in the past. LogicMonitor doesn't plan on adding this feature because allowing retroactive entries kinda takes the S out of SDT. The intention is to have those entires scheduled ahead of time so that alerts are suppressed and SLA numbers are accurate based on previously scheduled downtime entries. We will look into iqmsjoel's comment about mid-month data vs. data that is missing but was actually polled for. ~Forrest