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  1. Hi Sarah, A colleague of mine has since had correspondence with LogicMonitor confirming that this will be implemented in v.94 (inherited properties included in the /device/devices resource).
  2. Thanks for the quick response Sarah. Unfortunately I don't think getting the subgroups and iterating that way would be an acceptable solution and would result in many required API calls taking a long time to get the full list of devices. This is part of a system which needs to be responsive to the end user. As I said above, the getHosts API method on the RPC API did provide this functionality in an acceptable manner. Any other suggestions?
  3. Hi, I am trying to use the LogicMonitor REST API get a list of allof the devices in a given device group, including all devices in all sub groups below in the hierarchy. I have tried using the /device/groups/{id}/devices API but it just seems to return the devices in that immediate device group. This behaviour seems contrary to the /device/groups/{id}/alerts and /device/groups/{id}/sdts methods which do work with any sub groups below. This was previously possible via the getHosts RPC API method. I believe it is still possible but we are looking to migrate away from the RPC API.