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  1. We've recently run into issues with users accidentally changing a setting or deleting a device and would like the ability to allow users to Create new devices, but not be able to delete anything or change alert settings. I'd like to either split Manage into Write/Delete groups or add a deny action role that would allow me to give users manage access with a deny delete:*
  2. There currently is only functionality to create a SDT by DataSource. Windows Event Log entries are considered Event Sources and are unable to be selected in the DataSource selection drop down. In order to make non critical changes during the day that we know are going to trigger Windows Event errors we either have to put EVERYTHING into an SDT, which is bad because then we miss legitimate failure notifications, or we have to go to every single device and disable collection/alerting for Windows Events which would be way too time consuming today and will only get worse as the environment grows. I'd like to have EventSources included in the DataSource drop down so we can avoid a flood of notifications for expected errors.
  3. I would like this functionality to cover when a new data point is added in the middle of a month, there is no data for the time that the sensor didn't exist and all of that gets counted against our SLA. The only options we have now are: exclude the device from the report, which means next month we have to remember to go back and re-add the device to the report Set missing data to not count against the SLA, which now makes the SLA completely invalid because when a device is down it is missing data