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  1. Is there way to get the list of datapoints/datasources for a specific device group. The are situation where we need a list of things that we monitor for a specific device group. we can use alert threshold report but it also has its limitation in terms of how many items it can look at. for eg this is the error when we use alert report, --> The reports delivered as a CSV are limited to a maximum of 500000 items. This report attempted to include 553405 items. Please reduce items by changing filters to this report.
  2. hello Everyone, Need some help in monitoring SSL cert expirations for ELB's discovered by Cloudwatch plugin. Is anyone doing this, i would like to know if here is a way to monitor SSL certs on the ELB's. I have tried using SSLCerts- (SSL Certificate Expiration- https://communities.logicmonitor.com/topic/1133-simple-check-for-ssl-cert-expiration-monitoring/#comment-2665) but it does not work with ELB's discovered via cloudwatch plugin. Any information is greatly appreciated.