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  1. +1 on this. Perhaps the time zone could be assigned to the SDT instead as this would be a cross functional change in how SDT's are set up on devices and services. Just add a box to select the time zone you are inputting your SDT for. This would also allow for instance / datasource SDT's to be "timezoned" too. Our biggest pain point with this is having to address recurring SDT's up to 4 times a year, daylight savings +/- and british summer time +/-
  2. +1 We too would like to see this. While being a global company and many of us operationally running in UTC for efficiency, many members find the issue of time zones cumbersome. It also poses issues with SDT's where a device or service may be in a zone observing summer/daylight time. Since our portal is set UTC we have to manually adjust our SDT's to account for this. (opening a separate feature req for assigning time zones to devices and services, or SDT's, whichever is easier -- as this appears to be a bit of a segway from this thread) EDIT: found this req:
  3. We would find this very helpful as this impacts our integrations exactly as has been noted above. SDT should perhaps be handled using a window such that clears can be issued for alerts that began prior to the SDT start. We don't need a bunch of clears for alerts that started during the window as this would also be counterproductive for integrations.
  4. Hi there, One way to change the way you can visualize this would be to use custom graph widgets on a dashboard. You should be able to combine or divide the AP Radio instances among graph widgets on a dashboard to meet the needs you mentioned. Good luck, nin
  5. Hi Tom, Extending snmp on the systems needing this sort of functionality would be the direction I would take. See this rhel documentation for a extended explanation. You should be able to use your preferred method of monitoring ulimit from cli inside that framework, then build a datasource in LM to poll snmp to monitor it. As the integer output is limited, the script you extend with will likely want to run the math to convert to percentage instead of returning a raw count. Good Luck, nin