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  1. It would be nice if we could migrate new changes to already modified LogicModules without overwiriting the whole LogicModule. We have some internal customization which we wouldn't like to lose over new updated LogicModule. Yes we can always create a new one based on the updated module but still it would be much easier to migrate only those rows we would like to have and just ignore the rest. Opinions?
  2. Thank you @Mike Suding I have requested something like this (with a couple of other things) last June:
  3. I'm sure this is probably requested before too but I'm gonna request it again just in case. Instead of clicking each LogicModule one by one in hope for some new updates/changes (yes we have Release Notes but that's not the case). Any opinions about this?
  4. Currently table widget lists 'all or nothing' data. It would be useful if we could filter out eg. "show only if value is X or more/less" etc..
  5. Hello! My challenge is how to calculate proper SLA time (in minutes) during the last calendar month. Currently the Threshold must be set manually. The problem is that many months have different amount of minutes so single value might not give 100% correct result. Having dynamic thresholds would be much better option. Thank you!
  6. Portal: TimeZone setting is missing Finnish summer time. Current 'Helsinki' setting is wrong by one hour.
  7. Hello everyone! Here is my list of different feature requests I've been collecting for a couple of weeks. I've been using LM on a daily basis for about 6 months now. The list will eventually grow as I keep noticing what is missing and what could be better. - Collector: (Manage Collector -> Support -> Collector Events) "Collector Events" refresh button - Schedule options eg. "run on every month's 2nd Tuesday" or "Run on every months last Thursday" - Collector failover: Failover options within a pool of collectors not just 1. Eg. Failover with Pool1, Pool2 et