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  1. Has anybody encountered the fact the that "Peak Time Range" selected will not persist anything other than the "Last 30 Days" selection. I've tried a bunch of things to try and figure it out. I can see that the request shows "Last 30 Days" regardless of the drop-down selection.
  2. Troy - thanks for the additional information and reminding me I needed to follow up on this. It turned out the be operator error. I didn't realize, at first, that the SysOID map had to be an exact match. I had appended additional octets to the actual OID of my device and therefore it was matching less specific objects like snmp and snmpTCPUDP. Once it took the exact system oid, and updated the table, I was then able to go back to each device, force a datasource match, and delete the extra "generic" categories.
  3. I simply want to remove some of the default categories assigned to a device; thus, removing some of the clutter. For example, I have a SNMP device that auto-magically gets assigned to the snmpTCPUDP and snmp categories. By doing this, it sucks in a few datasources that I plain don't want to see. The UI will not allow me to remove these categories: