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  1. Being able to delineate dashboards that way would be great as well. The workaround system we have for alerts is that we have two root folders, one is Managed Service Infrastructure and one is Customer Infrastructure. Everything that exists in Customer Infrastructure also exists in Managed Services Infrastructure, though that is not always the case vice-versa. Each of our clients has a sub group in the customers folder containing their VMs, private cloud infrastructure, etc. When a new device is added, it's added both to the Managed Service Infrastructure group and the Customer Infrastructure group. We set all of the base thresholds against the Managed Services Infrastructure group and aim all of the customer-specific threshold adjustments against the Customer Infrastructure client sub groups.
  2. We want to be able to show our clients their device groups in LM, but that currently requires making a new role for every client user due to group visibility only being able to be modified on the role rather than on the user directly. If we could assign visibility directly to users, that would allow us to control all non-group viewing permissions for clients from a single unified role due to them having otherwise identical perms. There may be other ways to implement a solution to address this such as group inheritance, but the only option that currently exists is to manage hundreds of nearly identical roles, each one attached to a single client user. Any general updates to customer permissions (stuff that isn't related to device viewing permissions) right now requires changing permissions in those hundreds of roles to match each other rather than adjusting a single permission on a single role.
  3. We would like to have a feature where we could have a summary of the ops notes added over the last 24 hours emailed out. This would allow our teams to receive overviews of important information on transient/intermittent issues as well as have notes from our NOC reviewed by tier 2/3 team member for permanent adjustments. Ideally something that could be configured to send out all notices, certain tags to certain teams, etc. As the ops notes are somewhat buried and live exclusively in LM, the lack of visibility has made them less than ideal to use. Being able to send out summary emails would ensure both visibility to more eyes as well as allow us to send a ticket into our system. The ticket would provide a time stamped area to have ongoing discussions documented in a central place; accessible to all technical personnel regardless of whether they have the required permissions to access LogicMonitor. It would also be helpful to have the ops notes visible by default for notes applicable to that device/group's page instead of needing to click "See All" or search box to pull them up. Thanks.
  4. Hi LogicMonitor, We are also in a similar situation. Has there been any movement on getting this slotted into the dev cycle?