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  1. This feature is needed. I have the same scenarios as it was described in previous posts.
  2. In my case i have a group that includes devices based on such rule "system.totalphysicalmemory =~ "8.00Gb"". I added more RAM to one of the devices (from 8 to 16 Gb) and it took some time - i think, at least several hours - before device was excluded from the group.
  3. Hello, It'd be great to be able to configure discovery cycle for dynamic groups - I mean, set when group should check if there are any new devices that should belong to this group or if some devices should be excluded. I was told by Support that right now it's impossible and discovery cycle is somewhat unclear.
  4. I'd like to have integration with GCP too. I don't have any specific requests, whatever you could get from them would be great
  5. Mark, thank you for the idea. I ended up creating new datasource that is the copy of the datasource i need (.NETCLRMemory in my case) but with filter to discover only one instance that i need (RTW.Scheduler). After that i set appropriate threshold for all devices at once. I don't think that it's a good idea (because i actually run the same datasource twice on each device) but i could do it with UI
  6. It'd be great to be able to configure threshold for an instance on all devices at once. Right now i can either configure threshold on a specific device or edit global definitions for a datapoint, and this will apply to all instances. In my case, I have several instances under DotNet - .Net CLR Memory (RTW.Scheduler is one of them) and i'd like to configure threshold for NumBytesinallHeaps for instance RTW.Scheduler for all devices at once. Another situation is when we want to set different thresholds for drives C and D for all devices.
  7. It'd be great to have this feature. Sometimes it're really necessary to specify one datapoints value in alert message generated by another datapoint.
  8. Tom, thanks for the advice. Actually, right now i'm using this workaround. But it has some downsides. And LM support recommended to request this feature on the forum
  9. Sure. We're providing retail management system for our customers. We're trying to replace our in-house monitoring system with LM. We have a lot of monitors that check different parameters of how retail system works (like missing receipts, etc.) We need to run this test during AM hours so that Support team could fix all errors.
  10. Hello, It'd be really great to be able to run datasources by scheduler (Collect every). For example, at 3 am every day or 2 pm every Monday. I'm aware of pollinginterval but even if i set it to run every 3600 min (every day), i can't set time when it should be executed.