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  1. Please add the option to flush dns on external monitors for service monitoring. When we change an IP of an external service, it takes a while for some spots on Earth to get the update (about 50% of the service checkers), and by that, I mean many many times more than the TTL on the DNS. I'm still waiting and its almost 24 hours since i changed IP on a public record and the 3 of the service checkers are still not showing healthy (other 3 updated a long time ago). In that time that i'm waiting for this to update, our service monitoring is down. I understand i can put it in SDT, but then monitoring is Down for it. I tried changing the targeted URL the service monitoring was monitoring, then changing it back, but alas, the IP is likely still cached. I tried asking support to flush it, but they said I'd just have to wait. This is disruptive to monitoring.
  2. Add a feature request button to the dashboard dropdown menu, please. It'd make it easier and more ideas would come your way. More to sift through, but someones more likely to request a feature if they don't have to go to a forum.