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  1. There appears to be a bug with how LM updates collectors when an SNMP string changes. The debug console will report everything is correct when testing snmp, but until the collector is restarted, no data will be returned.
  2. Looks like the last update allowed for background colors on the Big Number widget which is great! It would be perfect it it included green as well, or the ability chose custom colors.
  3. The sound is great, but most of our techs doing live monitoring may also be on calls or not listening to pc audio. The visual alerts would be the best attention grabber in that case.
  4. Ok, thank you - is there a time frame on that? The end result is to add an alert level # as a DataSource for specific devices - That would be a great addition as well for running complex weighted system level reporting. It would probably save LM some resources by not referencing the API for extra devices details. Thanks for the quick response as well!
  5. Is there a list of functions and variables that LogicMonitor Exposes to Groovy? I'm specifically looking to leverage a device ID in a groovy script that pulls data from the LM API. I know I can pull device/instance properties but the actual device ID LM uses doesn't appear to be one of them. Thanks, Thaddaeus
  6. Is there a performance reason as to why the Gauge or Big Number widgets don't do range based calculations? It seems like a huge benefit in at-a-glance reporting or decision making to not need to interpolate that data - especially an average trend.
  7. This would be a great option to have a simple browser alert that Cisco Spark, Facebook, and others do when new messages arrive. Specifically for Critical Alerts. If we can tailor the alerts to the individual logged in based on product or customer or some grouping that would be great as well. Currently you either have to be staring at the screen (not happening if working minor problems) or rely on other methods when a critical hits. I would suggest this feature be limited to when you're logged in to LM as a plugin to chrome or other browser may get annoying if you're on vacation or outside of work (when these alerts may not be your responsibility).
  8. My experience is more with the Gauge widget but I'm sure this applies to other as well. There are options for Min, Max, and Average for the Data Series of the Gauge widget, but if you take the same datapoint and build out 3 widgets each using one option, the numbers are exactly the same. So how is this supposed to work? Is this option ignored? As a test I used time frames of 2 hrs, 24 hrs, and 30 days which should result in significant differences between the Min and Max at the very least, even still they are all the same.
  9. Chris, Is there a plan to simply update the interface bandwidth report - or a similar new report style - that would allow for interface choice? +1 if we could do percentage as well as a column. The Metric Report is great for the choice of interface and datapoint, but each datapoint being per row instead of an Average per column makes the report cumbersome to digest without post processing. Thanks! Thaddaeus