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  1. Hi, You can run an alert threshold report to see which values have been changed within your portal. Regards, -Jon
  2. Hi Tom, You could create a script datasource to get the ulimit value, here is an example below. You would need to create a datapoint in the datasource using a key value pair *Key set to "Ulimit". You can set a threshold in the datapoint for alerting. You will need to set "ssh.user" and "ssh.pass" properties on the device. The output from the script will look like this --> Ulimit:1024 -Jon /* Ulimit script */ import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.expect.Expect def hostname = hostProps.get("system.hostname"); def username = hostProps.get("ssh.user"); def pass = hostProps.get("ssh.pass"); // default timeout for Expect SSH def timeout = 15; // Command to get load average data def ulimit_cmd = "ulimit -n\n"; // Expected shell prompt character, may have to be changed // Linux generally uses "#" for root shells def prompt = '\\$' /* * Ulimit Pattern Key */ ulimit_pattern = ~/^(\d+)$/ // Connect to the device and wait for the prompt ssh_conn =, username, pass, timeout); ssh_conn.expect(prompt); // Send the ulimit command and wait for the prompt ssh_conn.send(ulimit_cmd); ssh_conn.expect(prompt); // Iterate over output ssh_conn.before().eachLine { line -> //println line // Run the match matcher = ulimit_pattern.matcher(line); // Did we match? if (matcher.getCount() > 0) { // Yes, print data println "ulimit:" + matcher[0][1]; } } // Exit the shell! ssh_conn.send("exit\n"); ssh_conn.expectClose(); return 0;
  3. Hi Tom, No, none of the monitored instances that you add via port-multi will count as a license slot. -Jon
  4. Hi Jnana, have you had a chance to read through our help article on monitoring Dell Hardware Health? If you have already tried that, can you provide some more details on what it is you would like to see. You mentioned that SNMP monitoring did not help, is there another way the metrics are exposed that you would like to try and get them via datasource. We also have a help article on creating datasources here:
  5. Hi Thangadurai, We have an example datasource that will provide the current/max process and session utilization our LM Exchange area here Hopefully that solves this for you. Regards, -Jon
  6. This datasource is an example of an Oracle custom query that will show current and max utilization of processes/sessions The datapoints show how to grab the output using both key value pairs and regex. AXGCHM