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  1. Over 18 months have passed and still no word on this... Any news?
  2. Any update on this? It's been over a year since a public preview was said will be available and now no response on this for the last 10 months
  3. Please add an option to add an SDT for multiple groups and services at the same time. I just had to add a SDT for a few groups that are all on the same hosting facility and had to move all of these groups under one parent so I can add the SDT on that parent and today once the SDT is over I will break down this group back into it's sub groups as I do not need this top level group
  4. When the mouse is over a graph please add an option to zoom in/out using the mouse scroll. zoom in should be done to the time the mouse is over (e.g. I am hovering over the left side so that area should be zoomed)
  5. Looking on the alerts list in my account, the scroll bars are visible but in order to view them I have to scroll down. Try determining the escalation chain (right most column) on the 3rd row. You will have to scroll down to see the horizontal scroll bar which moves the 3rd line out of screen. Then after you scroll right you scroll back up and then you don’t see the name as it moved out of the screen (1st column). The scroll bars (and column headers) should be always visible allowing me to scroll without losing my flow of thought
  6. @Dave Lee Q, Do you have a sample script on how to return the last value? Is there some built-in api to get the prev value? should I store it in a file and just use that value?
  7. Any news on this feature?
  8. 4 months later, any news? I have over 800 changed data sources in the LM repository and it would be a pain to handle in the current UI
  9. I recently had about 60 alerts coming in after a switch was reset. I selected the first batch that appeared and when acknowledging I wrote the reason, then another group of alerts came from another collector. again I had to write the same reason. Please allow when writing the reason in the ack window to select a reason from the last 10 reasons used
  10. Annie, Maybe the easiest thing for remediation is allowing me to write scripts and executing them (or executing windows exe files). For that all that is needed is a list of scripts and allowing me to run one . This is not auto remediation or anything close to full blown remediation tool but it will allow me to start fixing things remotely
  11. I have multiple sites running our system. I have a device group for each site consisting of all devices (db, web etc) and a corresponding Services group (same name) for monitoring the web site. If I need to take down the site for maintenance, I need to update both the devices and services with the downtime. My suggestion: Add rules on a device level of which services to take down when the device goes to SDT. Examples: 1. if I have a test machine (single machine running test.domain.com), I can tell the rules that when the machine goes to SDT put down the service monitoring of test.domain.com 2. I have 3 machines running a load balanced site (site.domain.com), I can tell the rules that if all machines running this site are going to SDT put the service to SDT 3. I have an external site (external.domain.com) which is hosted elsewhere, because of that it will not be put down when any of the devices go into SDT
  12. I'm in windows so Wget/cURL are not native in this world. why not put another button next to the download that says "download link" that will only show me the url without the wget/curl extras?
  13. I wanted to install a windows collector on a remote machine today. Being logged in to LM on my PC I went into the Collectors->Add dialog After selecting the options I clicked download, waited for the download to start, stopped the download (I do not need the file on my LAN anyway), copied the download URL and downloaded the file on the remote machine. This all worked perfectly but instead of this long trip, please add an option to get a download link so I can copy and start download directly on the remote machine
  14. @mnagel, I assume it will not happen but I am talking specifically about voice calls. I still *do* want the clear emails/sms for keeping track on alerts and when they were activated/cleared The only thing I do not need is LM calling me the issue is resolved. If I am solving the issue, I know it's resolved when I stop working on it and I don't need 20 calls telling me the issue is solved (what I don't answer goes into my voice mail so now my voice mail is also full). If I cannot solve the issue and I have contacted a 3rd party support, I still ACK it as I am the only one who can solve it. Then if they solve it in the middle of the night I do not need LM calling me at 5 a.m. to tell me the issue is resolved. The latter is an actual case were some DNS server we have records on stopped answering some of the queries sent to it (probably one of few servers was stuck but the load balancer still forwarded requests to it). LM called me at 3 a.m. to tell me that our site is not working from the US. I contacted the DNS support via email, put the alerts on SDT until the morning and went to sleep. At 5 a.m. LM called me to tell me it was over which woke me up again. I think a more granular alert management is needed so for example I can say that alert cleared voice calls are not sent at night
  15. After receiving a call about an alert, and ack it, I do not need a call to tell me once it is resolved. This is particularly true when 20 things go down, I get 20 calls, I solve the issue and then I get 20 calls the issue is cleared. Please add the ability to disable cleared calls