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  1. So what is the "Best Practice" way to alert on memory usage inside of a docker container? I want to wrap an alert around something like cpu_percent_total but am not seeing a similar beast for memory. So next I am tempted to create a complex data point myself, but I found this post: that gives a formula to create my datapoint but also implies that it is of little value and that I should be alerting on swap usage to see issues with memory, but there is no swap datapoint in the Docker_Containers_cAdvisor20 DataSource. So I toss this debate to the crowd... Oh, Oracle of LogicMonitor, I beg your blessings in the form of sound advice on monitoring memory usage inside of a containerized environment that does not use any orchestration tools, and go...
  2. Has anyone set up a check in LM for DNS latency monitoring? What is the "Best Practices" for such a setup?