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  1. Are there any plans to add this as an official integration option?
  2. Are there any plans to have linked clones for dashboards? At the moment we create a template dashboard using tokens and then clone them and then update the token to match what we need to. The problem is if we make a change to the format of a dashboard, we either have to do it on all of them, or delete all the cloned ones and then clone them out again. It would make things a lot easier if all the clones were linked back to the master, and an update to layout or widgets on the master was automatically replicated to the cloned templates.
  3. Two modules for monitoring the inlets and outlets on Raritan PDUs. These pull additional details than the LM provided ones and take advantage of the new instance level auto discover. In addition add the below to the SNMP OID map, to match the Raritan category OID: \.1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.13742\.6 Cat: RaritanPDU,snmp,snmpTCPUDP FFXMDF - RaritanPDUOutlet YNAAZX - RaritanPDUInlets