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  1. Hi, I didn't check it,but this is a powershell, so maybe search how to send a parameter in PowerShell with the space. Try to modify the $folderpath and try to change it to '$folderpath' You can try to run some basic powershell commands before deploy it in LogicMonitor
  2. Not not what you are trying to do, if you will post the script I can try to look into that. Just send me also what you are trying to do as I'm not sure I understand it. Make sure you have the right script in the auto discover too. You can run debugging in th eLM
  3. Idan

    HP Vertica

    Hi, We are using HP Vertica big data solution and we want to run queries to monitor the HP Vertica database. Is there any option to access the HP Vertica from the LogicMonitor ?
  4. A tip for LogicMonitor product team, Since most of the time, a user doesn't really need to print the report and just want to setup the report for a view. Setup the PDF page size as A2 instead of Letter when you generate the PDF report. In that case, the user will be able to see on the screen most of his content
  5. Hi, What is the avg. data size one Windows server generates to be transferred by the collector to the LogicMonitor SaaS servers? Same question about a Linux machine. We need to know the impact on the network / internet connection
  6. Hi, In MAP widget, when two sites are very close and overlap in the map, I would like to see the critical site at the front, after that error, after the error warning and at the end healthy. Today, when two sites overlap in the map, I can see a warning e.g. sign with the critical circle on it because the site with the critical issue is in the background.
  7. Idan

    SQL query

    Hi, Looking for the best option to run a SQL query on one of the databases we have on the SQL server, get the result and: 1. Add value to the server properties so I can see it unxer the info. 2. Create graph from the query results Some of the queries may return one value but some several rows like: Pass 100 Failed 200 Ignored 50 I would like to alert e.g. if we have more than 500 failed. I would like to create chart how many pass, failed, ignore. What is the best option to run those queries ? I would like to get automatically the DB name from the SQL and run it on each database that the database name contain "public"
  8. One small comment, The scripts and the names are case sensitive
  9. Hi, I created two new PropertySources and you are welcome to use them or as an example: This one will check if a FTP service was installed on Windows machine, and if yes, will create auto properties name FTPService hostname=hostProps.get("system.hostname"); my_query="Select name FROM Win32_Service where Name ='ftpsvc'" import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMI; import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMISession; def session =; def obj = session.queryFirst("CIMv2", my_query, 10); if (obj.NAME == "ftpsvc") { println "FTPService=Yes" } return 0 This one will check if a FTP site was configured inside the IIS on Windows machine, if yes, will create auto properties name FTPSite hostname=hostProps.get("system.hostname"); my_query="Select name FROM Site where Name like '%FTP%'" import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMI; import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMISession; def session =; def obj = session.queryFirst("WebAdministration", my_query, 10); if (obj.NAME =~ "FTP") { println "FTPSite=Yes" } return 0 Using the PropertySources, you can target data sources or you can filter a group of computers Good luck
  10. Hi, 1.Is there any option to backup all my custom settings like dashboards, different thresholds we defined per device, additional data sources we created, reports ETC? 2. Is there any option in the system to see in one place all the custom thresholds we configured? 3. Is there any option to export all the thresholds exist in the system?
  11. I succeed to implement it, not sure this is the right way, but it's working I configured a new group name “All Windows but SQL” under “Filtered Groups” we have in the devices. The filter for this group uses dynamic query isWindows() and system.db.mssql != "mssql" In the Chart I used this group “Filtered Groups/All Windows but SQL”
  12. Hi, I have a graph that displays the top 10 Memory Utilization servers, ut I want to exclude all the servers with *SQL* in the name or any server that has SQL installed since SQL by default will take all the memory. How I can do that ?