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  1. We're looking to have log file monitoring for file extension *.rpt and SQL log files. LM does not appear to support anything (out of the box) other than .log and .txt. Has anyone done this via script with other file types in Windows? If so, can you share your solution?

  2. I configured the user to "view-only" within a role but they're still able to create SDTs, acknowledge alerts and move alert to next stage.

    Is there a way to permit the user to view the SMS alert without making changes to the alert/host? 

  3. I noticed a Filter option within the datasource "VMware_vSphere_vDiskCapacity" but not sure of the "Attribute" and "Value" to use to filter/include only discovery of Linux devices.  Is it possible to use the filter for this purpose?  If so, what should I use for "Attribute" and "Value"?

    Attribute and Value.png

  4. Hi Annie - We have engineers who receive alerts (something needs to be addressed on the VM via email integrations which negates the acknowledge feature.  This is setup by design as we prefer not giving them the ability to acknowledge alerts).  When they perform maintenance in vCenter an alert would trigger. We just need them to be able to set SDT for the time they need to work on the VM in vCenter thus avoiding alerts being triggered.