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  1. We have a team that handle all alerts escalations which spans 3 different shifts. If in case an alert can't be immediately corrected and requires a followup, a note is entered for the alert on the alerts dashboard with basic info: date, person contacted and any information the the shift can review to determine whether or not a follow up is required from them. Unfortunately, once multiple notes are entered, legibility decreases and unless you enter your name, there's no way of easily determining who entered the note. The ability to enter a note where a record of the time of entry
  2. Ability to filter !tlist output. Example, !tlist all data points not returning any data aka nan.
  3. That's an awesome workaround and that's how we have it setup now, but it makes for a cluttered interface (all those extra folders). Should be able to go to the root level and create the SDT using AppliesTo syntax without having to create additional groups.
  4. Ability to create an SDT where devices can be picked using AppliesTo syntax.
  5. The ability to create and group maintenance scripts; similar to how a data source is currently configured but with additional scheduling abilities in order to run tasks on a specific day of the week and time frame. Additionally, trigger a notification in case of any issues running the script. Examples: 1. PowerShell script that analyzes directories and performs cleanup once a day on specified paths. 2. Schedule device reboots every other day at a specific time. While this can be achieved by other methods such as creating scheduled tasks, this would add value to LogicMonito
  6. Alert messages for services lack the ability to insert a token which would include the step. Currently, it's only possible to insert the root url, but when checking multiple web services, the "step" is critical in identifying the issue. As a workaround, I've named the service the full path to the web service and while that works, it renders them illegible in service view.