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  1. @mnagel this is in preparation for the change. Full functionality will be available in the next few releases - keep an eye on release notes for that announcement
  2. @Mosh we'll get this fixed in v102. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hi all, This has been prioritized again for 2018. To provide a little background: Changing the way data is displayed in the UI is relatively easy, but once data is outside of LogicMonitor (i.e. alert messages, report content) it is no longer dynamic. To change content based on recipient is much more complex, and we don't have a good solution for this (yet). The last thing we want to do is create inconsistencies that further complicate the issue we're trying to solve, which is why this project was put on hold in the past. We know how important it is to support our customers with globa
  4. Hi @mnagel, I have both of these improvements included in the requirements for phase 2. Design is almost done, release will likely be v102.
  5. Hi @ErnieC, our Product team went through a reorg in May that resulted in a significant shift in priorities. I can assure you that this is in development and slated for v99 (phase 1) if all goes smoothly.
  6. This is something we're spec'ing out currently. It's likely we'll have to limit the dynamic table to a single datasource to ensure columns have the same number of instances, but it sounds like that will be sufficient for the examples provided?
  7. @Idan keep an eye out in v96 for this improvement
  8. Hi @Gaston Gallant, we are in the design phase for a dynamic top 10 style widget - this is an interesting use case to add to our requirements. I may reach out for more detail as design progresses. Thanks!
  9. @Jeffrey McGovern this is in the works! Keep an eye out for group level tokens/cloning in the next couple releases
  10. @Mosh @Fturkmani Fair enough, looking into fixing this
  11. @Mosh This is planned and will be available sometime this quarter
  12. Done and done! Keep an eye out for some format improvements in our next release @DBA_Troy
  13. We also have a ConfigCollectingTasks datasource in the works to provide more granularity
  14. Anil, keep an eye out for this in our next release (v87) in the next few weeks.