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  1. Hello @Kerry DeVilbiss! We're having trouble pulling down the ConfigSource with the locator code, has that been updated? Great stuff here by the way!
  2. I thought the restriction was collector based, are you monitoring your clients from a central location?
  3. We would love the ability to 'focus' on Websites as we do with Devices to shorten and make the URL more readable. As an example, we have a set of servers that we've automated the creation of Dashboards for, and now want to sync those to their own respective Website monitors, this same set of servers has links via Properties as the URLs are easy to anticipate if we have the 'id', but we can't do the same with websites.
  4. @Mosh @Sarah Terry I've got a similar ticket open for this (110091) and wanted to see if I could get more details on what changed and if the hotfix was applied across all accounts or not.
  5. @Michael Rodrigues we monitor a few 6.5 hosts and have been fortunate enough not to see this issue yet, ping me if it would help to compare them.
  6. Do you mind posting a screenshot or a list of the datasources you have applied to your hosts? Also what build of 6.5 are you running?
  7. We would like be able to query historic SDTs to determine if a device,group, or instance has recently come out of SDT via API.
  8. Mike - Any interest in collaborating to build this out further?
  9. We're looking for the ' aggregate'functionality that was available via RPC Get-Data. Is there anything similar available for REST? (documentation optional )
  10. +1 on this. Mark - What are OS are the Kiosks running?
  11. For spotting trends that occur on certain days, maybe with something as simple as MTWTF. Building on top of that, if I'm only interested in finding performance data from Mondays. If you could hover or click on 'M' and have a semi transparent column covering the entirety of each Monday shown on the graph that would likely make it easier to evaluate what's normal for that day. It might not make sense for this to be always on, and could be an option next to the Graph and Data check boxes?
  12. I think it would be great if the 'Like' and 'Dislike' options were shown in place of the Heart icon present Today. This seems like an extra click that can be removed and the Heart may give some the illusion that their only option is to 'Love' the idea.
  13. Mnagel - Love this idea, but curious where you had issues with tokens being unavailable for use as parameters. Looking to determine if I'm also "assuming they should be" and need to be corrected.
  14. If adding a custom property manually while managing a device, the suggested results only include built in properties. If you're creating a Device Inventory Report, the suggested results for properties include any/all properties you have created via PropertySources or manually. Would it possible to bring the full list of suggested results over to the device side?