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  1. EventSource to trigger Warning, Error or Critical Alerts from your LogicMonitor Audit Logs, using Resource Properties as search strings to identify matching patterns in each Audit Log's username, ip and description fields: lm.auditlogs.warn lm.auditlogs.error lm.auditlogs.critical LM Locator: 763DHG
  2. DataSource to monitor summary metrics across all Harvest Projects ( LM Locator: 6MZ3HE
  3. Golf enthusiasts! Here's a DataSource to monitor Handicap Indexes over time. LM Locator: 6FDZRJ
  4. DataSource to discover and monitor Harvest Projects ( LM Locator: HYXHWP
  5. PropertySource to retrieve the ID of a matching Configuration (CI) in ConnectWise. LM Locator: YR77GF
  6. Webpage DataSource to monitor Followers, Following and Posts datapoints for public Instagram accounts. This DataSource works by getting and parsing the HTML response from public Instagram accounts. Multiple accounts can be monitored as manually-added Instances of the DataSource. General usage information is available in the Technical Notes of the DataSource. LogicMonitor Locator: 322H4N