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  1. Glad to hear you found this helpful @Teijo Forsell! I have just confirmed that the LM-Exchange DataSources posted above should now be public. Thanks for sharing your DataSource template as well!
  2. You can use this bash script to install and configure all the necessary components in order to execute synthetic webchecks on a Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) Collector. This script will install Chrome, Chromedriver, and Selenium to the Collector's host (be sure the Collector is installed prior to executing the bash script). Once this is done, you can execute selenium commands from within LogicMonitor DataSources (sample DataSources can be found with in the LM-Exchange: "Synthetics Check Template" and "LogicMonitor Login Selenium"). The easiest approach I've found to getting a synthetics re
  3. Hey @Mosh - You can find it with locator code: CGWHNZ
  4. There is now a collection of SSH based datasources for monitoring Linux: Linux_CPU_Cores, Linux_Block_DevicePerformance, Linux_Memory_Usage, Linux_Host_Uptime, Linux_Filesystem_Usage, Linux_CPU_Load, Linux_Network_TCPUDP, Linux_Network_Interfaces They work in tandem with the Linux_Monitoring_SSH PropertySource. These can all be added via the LogicMonitor DataSource Repository.
  5. Upgraded version with corrected Avg. Time To Ack, as well as new datapoints: Total Cleared Alerts (per user) and Avg. Time To Clear (per user). Again, for past 1000 alerts: Locator Code: FLFAJN
  6. 6FXJKT - Disks 9PGJCL - Fans FWHEYZ - Power Supply M29KRM - RAID Status PJZE2H - System Status J4RNAD - Temperature GGDD29 - Malware Protection Alerts HL9ZYA - Malware Protection Statistics M69E6T - Malware Protection Threats
  7. HM7MKA - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Dew_Point CMFNFD - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Humidity EY2LN6 - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Temp
  8. Hi Shawn, This script would not be run as a DataSource within LogicMonitor. It would be run as a .py file from your server or workstation. You can see our full documentation on using the REST API here: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/rest-api-developers-guide/overview/using-logicmonitors-rest-api/ Best, Jake
  9. Hi Shawn, Yes, you can use our REST API to programmatically change the "Send Collector Notifications" to One Time. We have documentation on how to make the PUT request here, but you can use a PATCH request so that you're only modifying the resendIval field. Here's the code I used to execute this: #Request Info httpVerb ='PATCH' resourcePath = '/setting/collectors/8' queryParams = '?patchFields=resendIval' data = '{"resendIval":0}' #Construct URL url = 'https://'+ Company +'.logicmonitor.com/santaba/rest' + resourcePath +queryParams #Get current time in milliseconds epoch = str
  10. DBrandt, Have you looked into our AeroHive DataSources? These might provide the information you're looking for.
  11. Tracks the number of alerts acknowledged by users in your LM portal. Allows teams (and team leads) to track who's participating in alert acknowledgment. LM-Exchange code: WNC4EL
  12. EnviroMUX datasources (built/tested on Enviromux SEMS 16): 1) EnviroMUX Battery: MXDPZZ 2) EnviroMux Digital Inputs: 33JLN4 3) EnviroMux External Humidity Sensors: FAK6PD 4) EnviroMux External Temperature Sensors: JZFJZJ 5) EnviroMux External Water Sensors: 9FKWZN 6) EnviroMux Internal Humidity: NDW6AW 7) EnviroMux Internal Temperature: G2Y4GL 8) EnviroMux Output Relays: CAE3TN 9) EnviroMux Power Supplies: 2TYPZC